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14th December 2018

Sea Ambulance Crap as Infinity ICTU Firm Implicated in Dubious $315,000 Deal!

By Alim Jalloh (15/11/18)

The Sea Ambulance boat worth $315,000 later turns out to be scrappy which the Infinity ICTU, Rash Construction company purchased.


All started when the Finance Ministry in 2016 invited bids for the supply of a Sea Ambulance that will serve the people of Bonthe Island. Infinity ICTU, Rash Constructional Company Limited reportedly won the bid and eventually supplied the boat which was meant to save the plight of pregnant women in Bonthe Island. (Photo: The Sea Ambulance that continues to cause problems).

But to the surprise of Sierra Leoneans after the supply was done, the boat could not even serve it purpose, thereby starting to developing mechanical problems within three months when it started operation.

Speaking to residents in Bonthe District most of them cast the blame on the supplier i.e Infinity Rash company, stating that the district never enjoyed the services of the boat. Some marine experts have stated that the engine of the boat is not classed among grade A engines for sea transport.

The general public and CSOs are now calling on the Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate how this contract was awarded because according to them the supplier cheated the state by supplying sub-standard boat.

A sea ambulance is supposed to have First Aid kits, and according to them all the machines are not working. The past APC government failed to hold the supplier to account because most of them have a hand in the dubious deal.

Abdul Karim Koroma stated that he believes that the company were registered mainly to win the contract by them, and because the company got its entire documents at the same time. The boat is currently berthed at the Holland Ship Yard, a company that repairs boats.

Speaking to Rashid Turay CEO of the Infinity and Rash Constructional Company Ltd, he claimed he did nothing wrong in the contract but that the boat developed problems when the wrong oil was used and that has nothing to do with them at the moment.


1958 -1980


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