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16th December 2018

SLPP Spinner Halted by SLPP for Unlawful Sacking of Ports Authority Manager!

By a press release (14/11/18)

National Commission for Privatisation Chairman was stopped in the 11th hour from sacking the Sierra Leone Ports Authority manager.


Reports say the SLPP heavyweight NCP Chairman Mr. Napoleon Koroma was stopped by some rational SLPP party colleagues when the former was on the verge of unlawfully sacking the Sierra Leone Ports Authority (SLPA) Operations and Monitoring Manager, Eustace Carrol Garrick. (Photo: Napoleon, a lawyer by profession ought to know better).

Had the timely and sensible intervention of some SLPP higher-ups to halt the power conscious Napoleon not taken place, he would have sacked poor Eustace and replaced him with his brother one Foday Koroma, sources say.

Independent observers feel such negative behaviour is what resulted to the bloody rebel war and this is precisely what Napoleon Koroma was planning to do, creating hatred among people that might pave the way for revenge tomorrow.

Thankfully, however, poor Napoleon came under lots of heat and pressure from the Chief Minister Dr. David Francis and other senior SLPP government ministers to rescind his decision to terminate the services of the SLPA Manager Eustace Carrol Garrick without any lawful reason.

They see Napoleon Koroma’s action as shameful and a recipe for chaos within and outside the ruling party. Even APC members are very angry with him and are saying that Napoleon Koroma if not stopped now, will damage the good reputation President Julius Maada Bio and the SLPP government have made in recent months.

Additionally, media analysts and legal practitioners are of the opinion that the recent aborted decision taken by the NCB Chair Napoleon Koroma was wrong and unlawful.

The argument is that Napoleon had no right to relieve Eustace Carrol Garrick because the latter’s employment contract with the government was not in question. The position was never up for vacancy, the fine gentleman had never been found wanting which could have led to his sacking and he has not yet reached the mandatory 60 years to proceed on retirement.

As all of this was going on, State House sources say Napoleon Koroma has been prevailed upon not to make the SLPP look disunited by delaying the reinstatement of Eustace Garrick.

Courtesy: Concerns Citizens


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