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16th December 2018

Pavi Fort, a Local Company, is Rated the Most Reliable Firm in Sierra Leone Today!

By Ranger (12/11/18)

Pavi Fort, an indigenously owned construction company has been rated as one of the most reliable companies in Sierra Leone nowadays.


With a workforce of mainly Sierra Leonean youths, the Pavi Fort construction firm has a proven and enviable track record of completing all the road works contracted to them on time. (Photo: Pavi Fort C.E.O Alimu Barrie, seems to be doing very well in integrity).

With a determined Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Alimu Barrie, the road contract given to him to construct a 20 kilometer road in the Koinadugu and Falaba districts was done in record time and handed over to the government for commissioning, much to the admiration, satisfaction and amazement of the Sierra Leone Road Authority officials.

This rather unprecedented feat achieved by Pavi Fort had earned it the reputation of a company that is fit to do business with as far as road construction is concerned.

Alimu Barrie has been extolled for empowering the youths in his employment who are now using state-of-the-art equipment brought in by the company to do the work. This they say, is the success that one can point to when talking about enhancing the Local Content Policy issue.

Pavi Fort’s exploit in the Koinadugu and Falaba districts has catapulted the company to prominence, as it is now being viewed by many as capable of competing and defeating foreign construction companies in the road business.

CEO, Alimu Barrie’s comment on the performance of his company in respect of the Koinadugu and Falaba township roads: "We are proud Sierra Leoneans and our company has what it takes to do road construction in every part of the country and around the world."

"We have proved our worth with the task at hand as we are now capable of challenging any road construction work. We have the equipment and the technical ability. The company is bringing in more machines daily. (Photo: Pavi Fort at work).

"We are the reason why Sierra Leoneans should trust their own local companies in this direction. The machines that we have are more than the work we have. We have brought in new machines costing over sixty million US dollars. He went on to state that despite the challenges faced during the period, the company was able to pre-finance the work," Alimu noted.

Pavi Fort has not relented in its Corporate Social Responsibility and the cleaning exercise declared by President Julius Maada Bio’s Executive Order is an example of his display of patriotism.

Recently, the company engaged both Freetown and Kabala in the Koinadugu district simultaneously in a massive and successful cleaning exercise. Hundreds of workers providing labour in Kabala plus youth in the Western Area, working with dumper trucks, front head loaders, and bob cat machine took part in the cleaning exercise.

Another notable display of his commitment to contribute to the development of the country is the construction of the Court Barry at Fadugu and a Multi-Purpose Complex.

During the mudslide at Regent which saw the loss of some many lives, Pavi Fort was again on the ground with excavators and front end loaders to take part in rescue efforts at ground zero. Present at the scene, amidst the rain that fateful day, was its energetic CEO, Alimu Barrie personally supervising rescue work. During the relief stage, Pavi Fort made substantial donations to the victims of the twin disasters (flood and mudslide).

To further show empathy to his fellow compatriots, Alimu Barrie and two other indigenous Sierra Leonean construction companies constructed 52 houses at a land designated by the government to house some of the victims. A gesture praised by many Sierra Leoneans both within and out of the country as an act worth emulating; an act of unity in suffering.

Pavi Fort is seen as one company worth encouraging for fostering the Local Content Policy as its CEO has similar intentions with President Bio to see the development of Sierra Leone.

It therefore would be in place for the government to empower Pavi Fort, taking into cognizance the genuine and patriotic efforts of a young Sierra Leonean operating an indigenous construction company that employs hundreds of Sierra Leoneans and completes contracts given to him on time satisfactorily.


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