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16th December 2018

Parliament Approves Seaga Shaw, as New Chairman of the Right to Access Information

By David P. Kamara (11/11/18)

The Sierra Leone Parliament has approved Dr. Ibrahim Seaga Shaw as Chairman of the Right to Access Information Commission in Freetown.


Moving the motion for approval on Friday November 9, the parliamentary Chairman of the Committee on Appointment and Public Service Mohamed Sidi Tunis, said having interviewed Dr. Shaw, the committee is satisfied with both his academic credentials and media experience and that he will bring the necessary changes to uplift the Right to Access Information Commission. (Photo: Seaga Shaw in parliament).

Parliamentarian Ibrahim Ben Kargbo, himself a pioneer of the Freedom of Information law in Sierra Leone, described Dr. Seaga Shaw as a hard worker and a good choice for an independent governance institution like RAIC. MP Mohammed Bangura admonished Dr. Shaw to use his knowledge and expertise to rebrand an institution that has faced challenges over the years.

Another MP Hassan Sesay reminded Dr. Shaw that the time for politics is over as it is now time to work in the interest of Sierra Leone, a reason why he should live up to the expectations of Sierra Leoneans.

During his interview by the committee on Appointment on Wednesday, Dr. Shaw promised to collaborate with other institutions like Universities to promote access to information and pledged to make the popularisation of the RAI Act, 2013 a top priority. (Photo: Seaga Shaw posed with family members and friends).

Seaga Shaw, was Managing Editor of award-winning Expo Times newspaper in the mid 1990s. Before his appointment, Dr Shaw worked as Senior Lecturer in Media and Politics at Northumbria university in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. He is author of four books, including his ground breaking book ‘Human Rights Journalism: Advances in the reporting of humanitarian Interventions (Palgrave-2012).

He is a graduate of Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone; he also holds an MSc in Development Studies (London Southbank University, UK) and a PhD in Information and Communication from the Sorbonne university in Paris, France.

It is believed that Dr. Ibrahim Seaga Shaw will use his journalism and academic experiences to help to further open the space in the data sector.

The RAI Act, 2013 was enacted by the Sierra Leone Parliament in October, 2013 and the Commission established a year later.

Courtesy: By David Patrick Kamara, Public Information Officer, RAIC


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