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16th December 2018

Why Anti-Corruption Orders the Arrest of the St. Mary's Supermarket's Boss!

By a press release (10/11/18)

Sierra Leone Anti-Corruption Commission is ruffling some feathers in the positive way and the latest victim is the St. Mary's Supermarket.


Latest reports say the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has ordered the closure of St. Mary's Supermarket and arrest of the Manager for non-payment of tax since it's inception. (Photo: St. Mary's Supermarket under investigation for tax evasion).

St. Mary's Supermarket's non-payment of Goods and Services Tax (GST) for several years since its establishment in Sierra Leone was very pivotal why Anti-Corruption Commission officials raided the premises of the Supermarket late on Friday October 2 in Freetown.

During the unexpected raid, ACC confiscated business books and immediately closed the Supermarket as a crime scene with no access to staff or public. The ACC is now reportedly perusing and analysing over 200 books to establish exactly how much St. Mary's Supermarket owes the country in tax.

The ACC has also confirmed that it's Commissioner Francis Ben Kaifala has ordered the arrest of Mr. Assad Shallop the Manager of the Supermarket who happens to be out of the country. His brother was arrested during the raid but later released as he was not the real Manager. (Photo: ACC boss Francis Ben Kaifala on a mission to fight corruption in Sierra Leone).

A similar unannounced raid was also done on the Fawaz Building Materials offices two days earlier, seizing accounting books. ACC suspects that Fawaz Building Materials are in deficit of tax payments that could amount to several millions of Leones.

In what is believed to be an operation to enforce compliance of tax laws, the ACC is likely to close down several businesses in the following weeks who have dodged tax payments over the years.


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