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14th December 2018

APC in Shambles as 9-Man APC Report Turns in to 8-Man Report and Now its 7-Man Report!

By John Koroma (28/10/18)

The main opposition APC party is sending conflicting and alarming bells to suggest that the party is clearly not united in purpose and direction.


This disturbing scenario has been attributed to the 9-Man Committee recent negative handling of the final draft Report. The 9-Man committee was tasked to investigate and report why the APC, as incumbent, astonishingly lost the 2018 presidential elections to the SLPP party. (Photo: Dr. Abdulai Conteh, chairman 9-Man APC Committee).

Now, some committee members, including its Secretary General Dr. Sylvia Blyden, have not been given the chance to see the final draft before it was handed over to the APC's National Advisory Council for further action. It has angered the likes of Dr. Slyvia Blyden. Read the reports below for the details:

Prominent member of the main opposition All Peoples Congress (APC) party, Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden, has suggested that "8-Man Report" may be more appropriate to describe the "9-Man Report" that is to be presented to the party's general membership in the morning of today Friday October 26th 2018. The Report has been ostensibly prepared by a Committee of nine members chosen by the second highest decision-making body of the APC, the National Advisory Committee (NAC). The 9-Man Committee was tasked to investigate and report on why the APC which was in governance, lost the 2018 presidential elections.

However, Dr. Blyden who is one of the nine members appointed by NAC, says she has nothing to do with whatever has been handed over as a Report. She told Awareness Times newspaper yesterday that she has not even seen the contents of what has been handed over.

Blyden said she has respect for the other eight members of the Committee but insists that she was not shown the final version of what has been handed over. "If posterity is going to applaud the Report, let it not include me as a party deserving of such applause and if posterity is going to condemn that Report, let it not include me as deserving of such condemnation," Dr. Sylvia Blyden categorically said. (Photo: Dr. Sylvia Blyden, the 9-MAN APC Secretary General continues to rebel).

It can be recalled that two weeks ago, the Report had been slated to be handed over on Tuesday October 16th 2018 but a similar protest from Blyden had caused the APC's NAC to decline to receive the report but had advised the 9-Man Committee to go and ensure they looked into the issues which Blyden had protested over. It is as-yet-unclear what were the exact issues that Blyden had protested over in the initial impugned report as she had not made them public.

However, one of the other committee members who spoke to this newspaper late last night appealing for this publication not to come out, insisted that "all of Dr. Blyden's concerns over errors and inconsistencies have been looked into and corrections made. We went back and looked into her points and the document was validated again. What we have submitted has taken all her suggestions on board. We just did not have time to send the final version to her once again but we have made all the corrections and included all her suggestions".

However Dr. Sylvia Blyden told this newspaper most categorically that she cannot lend her credibility to any document of which she says, "the final version was not shown to me and I have not seen what is actually inside the final version."

"All I have heard are rumours that a so-called 9-Man Report has been handed over to NAC on Tuesday and will be formally presented to the party in the morning. I am trying to seek clarity on the rumours. I have a lot of respect for the other 8 members of the Committee but if the rumours are true, then it is better they call it as an 8-Man Report as I am not a signatory to whatever is in there. Sylvia Blyden is not a part of that Report," she vigorously asserted.

As we went to press, unconfirmed reports are that at least one other member of the nine man committee, had also not set eyes on the final report which was handed over.

Dr. Abdulai Conteh, Dr. Tom Obaleh, Dr. David Tam Baryoh, Captain Victor Spain, Lansana Dumbuya Esq., Sulaiman Kabba Koroma Esq. Winstanley Bankole-Johnson and Mariama Lowe Bangura are the eight other members of the nine man committee.

Winstanley Bankole Johnson Writes Sylvia Olayinka Blyden to Use '7-Man Committee' Instead of 8-Man Committee

Good Morning Comrade Dr. Sylvia O. Blyden (OOR)
This submission is informed by a commentary in "The Awareness Times" of today on your preferred nomenclature of the APC Committee to wit-: from 9-Man Committee to 8-Man Committee.

That assertion without prior reference to me would presuppose my inclusion, especially as all along the names comprising membership of the original Committee was already in public domain.

I told you earlier I wasn't, and up to the presentation of whatever Report purporting to have been compiled by that original Committee, I still am neither a part of what is left of it, nor was I in attendance.

Perhaps you may now wish to clarify for your wider readership that the correct nomenclature should instead read: APC 7-Man Committee, and proceed to list down the names of those comprising it, so as not to continue to open me up to public ridicule and contempt.

Thank you very much. Comrade Winstanley Bankole Johnson
1. Tom Oballeh Kargbo
2. Capt. Victor Spaine
3. Dr. Abdulai O Conteh
4. Sulaiman Kabba Koroma Esq.
5. Lansana Dumbuya Esq.
6. Dr. David Tam Baryoh
7. Mariama Lowe Bangura

Copies also sent to:
APC Chairman/Leader
APC Secretary General

Courtesy: By SEA MEDIA GROUP - Friday 26th October 2018


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