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14th December 2018

Disgraced Parliament Speaker Presides Smoothly Despite his Nude Exposure! 

By a press release (27/10/18)

The Sierra Leone Speaker of Parliament presided smoothly on Thursday, a day after nude pictures, videos were made public this week.


Disgraced Dr. Abass Chernor Bundu is reported to have executed his parliamentary duties smoothly after stark naked pictures and videos of his person hit the social media much to the astonishment of all and sundry around the world. (Photo: Abass Bundu allowed girlfriend to crazily picture him in the loo).

No mention of his nudity was made in parliament even though parliamentarian colleagues were not expecting the learned law maker Abass Bundu to explain or apologise for the shameful incident.

Nevertheless, Speaker Abass Bundu reportedly carried out his parliamentary duties normally and professionally the next day. The business of the House on Thursday was to approve or disapprove presidential nominees for various positions.

All the nominees of President Julius Maada Bio were unanimously approved including the Sierra Leone Ambassador to the United States of America, Sidique Wai. Wai is the brother of Mr. Mustapha Wai of the pro-SLPP online television called MAMBA-TV.

Another high profile parliamentary appearance on Thursday was Mr. George Khoryama who was also approved as Chairman of the Independent Media Commission (IMC).

Reports say the mood in Parliament on Thursday was buoyant and no undue development was reported. It remains to be seen when Dr. Abass Bundu, an ardent SLPP supporter, will come out clean to explain how and why such naked pictures of his person came out to the public forum. (Photo: Abass Bundu clothed in Parliament).

Investigations have shown that the nude pictures and videos emanated from one of Abass Bundu's love nests who is clearly not delighted with her sugar daddy's attitude towards her. She recorded her sugar daddy in the loo as naked Abass Bundu was also busy gyrating in his bedroom. Surprisingly, her sugar daddy never made serious efforts to stop her.

Now, it lays to rest the earlier proposition that the recordings were politically motivated. Some ruling SLPP government supporters were accusing the main opposition APC party of being behind the disgraceful videos. But it has clearly shown now that the APC was not responsible.

Observers believe it was a romantic incident gone bad. Even worse is the fact that the learned Speaker is a married man. His wife needs an apology and serious explanation.


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