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14th December 2018

Thieves Plunder Brewery's Le600M Solar Panels Water Wells in Wellington!

By Ranger (26/10/18)

Thieves have stolen high powered solar panels erected by the Sierra Leone Brewery in the Wellington Industrial Estate in Freetown.


Reports say on the night of Monday October 8, 2018 robbers made away with these high-powered solar panels built to provide water wells for residents in Koya Town, Loko Town and in the Wellington Industrial Estate. (Photo: Solar panels).

Brewery's project is part of it's Corporate Social Responsibility to the community worth over Le600,000,000. And reports say the construction of the water well, which was approved by its parent body, Heineken Africa Foundation (HAF), was due to be commissioned shortly before the thieves struck. The water well in question is located at Maxwell Street, Wellington.

Justifiably, the Sierra Leone Brewery Limited (SLBL) is one of the most outstanding national industries that has contributed immensely towards the planning and implementation of several community services and national projects.

Since its inception, the Sierra Leone Brewery Limited has contributed significantly towards enhancing job opportunities, contributing to the socio-economic development of the state by prudently fulfilling their Corporate Social Responsibilities in robust and necessary community development projects.

The recent commissioning of seven submersible water well projects in the various communities within their operational areas is a clear testimony of their unflinching support in rendering services to the inhabitants of these surroundings.

Eighty-five percent of the communities' residents acclaimed this recently commissioned project as ones that are timely and very important in all its ramifications. The company through support from the Heineken Africa Foundation has sponsored significant projects in his former ward to the newly demarcated one.

Albert Ojo Collier the company's Corporate Affairs Manager speaking on behalf of the company and the Heineken Africa Foundation drew the attention of stakeholders of the seven submersible solar powered water wells will serve as testimony to the sterling work they have committed themselves as a leading industry in the country and a true partner for development in Sierra Leone.

The project entails the building of seven wells which are apportioned in the four communities; three in Koya Town, two in Wellington Industrial Estate, one in Loko Town and one at Upper Maxwell Street whose solar panel has been stolen.

The project costs 69,458 Euros which is well over six hundred million Leones in equivalent. He urged members of the community to take full ownership of the project as the construction of the water wells and associated works has been completed and will be commissioned later this month.


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