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16th December 2018

China Nicky, the New Female Entertainer Inspires Uneducated Sierra Leoneans!

By a press release (22/10/18)

Sierra Leone entertainment industry has got a new female sensation in the person of China Nicky, a brave, clever, funny and beautiful illiterate. 


Her real name is Haja Mariama Kamara. China Nicky is her nickname that was given to her by close friends because she is an admirer of the famous American celebrity Nicki Minaj. And because her looks resemble a Chinese, her friends thought it wise to give her the nickname 'China Nicky' meaning Chinese Nicki Minaj. (Photo: China Nicky, an uneducated beauty). 

She is an orphan who dropped out of school due to the deaths of her parents. She is presently responsible for herself as there are no families to help her. She is an up coming actress and comedian that people are calling 'the new face of Salone comedy'.

Because of her unfortunate upbringing, China Nicky was unable to further her western education but she still stood tall against all the odds of life and even her peers admire her for her confidence, intelligence, bravery and hard work.

She is also a trained seamstress and hairdresser. She is presently not on any social media forum due to her poor educational stature. She was told about the Big Sister Salone show by a friend called Ejatu who then helped her to purchase the form for Le100,000 to participate in the show conducted by the AVY television owned by Mr. Anthony Navo. (Photo: China Nicky, 2nd right, contracted by tech giant, Africell as AYV boss Anthony Navo, 5th right, listens).

She made her mark on the Big Sister audition stage with her comic pronunciation of the krio word 'Rasul' which she mispronounced as 'Rashul' thus making the judges, audience and viewers at home to laugh their hearts out. Many enjoyed her natural comedy as it helped the audience to ease their stress.

Despite her illiteracy, she met the Big Sister Salone 2018 live reality TV show criteria and was chosen as one of the twelve contestants who entered the Big Sister Salone House to compete. She was among educated ladies but because of her boldness, bravery, self-esteem and intelligence, she thrived.

After spending a week in the Big Sister House, she won the hearts of many Sierra Leoneans and non-Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad with her comedy, self-esteem, inspiration, motivational vibes and social relationship with fellow housemates, that earned her more than eight million fans in just seven days.

She led the votes from the start and the fact that her name was never shown up for eviction was an indication of her popularity. Due to her inability to speak proper English and her comic local dialect pronunciation, she faced discrimination and mockery from one or two housemates just to discourage her, but China Nicky was strong, focused and didn't allow any distractions. (Photo: China Nicky appends signature on Africell's lucrative contract).

Despite the hatred from two housemates, she still enjoyed the unstable love from the vast majority of fellow housemates and of course the nation at large.

With this love from fellow housemates and millions of fans outside the Big Sister House, it was an open secret that China Nicky was the favourite to win the Big Sister Salone 2018 Realty TV Show. And indeed, when the time came for the final votes, China Nicky won hands down.

Now, she intends to equip herself educationally. And in return, she plans to support and help the less privileged in society socially, educationally, spiritually and morally.

Every dog has its day. Congratulations to Haja M Kamara aka China Nicky, RashulGang. This ambitious lady clearly proves that western education is not the only way to success.


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