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16th December 2018

ADP Leader - Maada Fools the People as Hardship, Tribalism and Wastage Intensify!

By a press release (21/10/18)

Six months of President Julius Maada Bio's government has failed, leader of the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP) unleashes criticisms on the SLPP.


The ADP leader Mohammed Kamaraimba Mansaray in his analysis of the 200 days of President Bio's rule, highlighted the failure of the SLPP government in an audio on whatsapp that majority of our people are suffering. (Photo: The controversial ADP leader).

"The hardship and suffering are too much. We all promised our people a better country, but in six months the cost of living and hardships have escalated and everybody is suffering," he noted.

"Maada Bio said he was coming to get rid of wastage in government by managing the country's money but it was only rhetoric. Bio has the biggest and the largest government ever and most of the country's money is now being spent to pay salaries, wages and per diems. It was just rhetoric he used to fool the people.

"For the past six months, President Bio has failed to unite the nation through tribalism. There is too much tribalism in the country. I am seeing the burning pain of the people over tribalism.

"President Maada Bio is not serious to fight corruption. It was just rhetorics to boost his ego or impress some people. President Bio declared his assets in private. Any president serious to fight corruption should have declared his assets publicly. The corruption fight is not balanced. Nit-picking only whom he wants to investigate. If he was serious, he would have investigated 10 years of SLPP and 10 years of APC. (Photo: President Bio, when he assumed power).

"When launching his signature programme 'Free Education' President Bio engaged in 'beggar', 'beggar' thus begging ministers, parliamentarians and public officers to contribute. However, he had the audacity to come to the UN and talk about African leaders who beg for aid. He said Free education cannot be built on begging. The infrastructure should have been set up first.

"It was disgraceful to see a sitting President and supporters celebrating coming to America. A sitting President cannot celebrate visiting any country. It is even more shameful for a sitting President to fight with people over taking pictures or not with a president that had called some African nations S-Holes countries," the ADP leader concluded.


1958 -1980


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