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16th December 2018

Parliament Wishes the Newly Approved Nominees Best of Luck in their New Jobs

By a press release (21/10/18)

Sierra Leone Speaker of Parliament has congratulated the presidential nominees, after their approval and wished them luck in their new jobs.


Parliament on Thursday October 18, 2018 debated and approved with unanimity the Fourteenth Report of the Committee on Appointments and the Public Service, chaired by the Leader of Government Business, Sidie M. Tunis. (Photo: Sierra Leone Parliament in Freetown).

Congratulating the nominees, Speaker of the House Dr. Abass Chernor Bundu said that approval had been accorded to their nominations, whilst wishing them success in their pursuits in the light of the confidence that had been reposed in them by the House and the President.

The following presidential nominees have been approved by Parliament:
i. Mr. Amara Halim Jambai Kanneh – Director-General, Sierra Leone Roads Authority (SLRA);
ii. Ms. Joyce Wuyah Abu - Deputy Commissioner, National Commission for Children;
iii. Mr. Martin A. Foday - Chairman, Board of Trustees, Conservation Trust Fund;
iv. Mr. Shaka Ahmed Mansaray - Deputy Commissioner, Sierra Leone Insurance Commission;
v. Ms. Cecilia Mahota Demby - Member, Board of Directors, Bank of Sierra Leone.

In rounding the debate, the Leader of the Opposition, Chernor R.M. Bah described the nominees as fit based on their qualifications and competence. He also said that they could not question the appointments of President Julius Maada Bio as they are his prerogative, but that the people advising him should be honest in doing so.

The APC MP also averred that in view of his prerogative, it behoves his advisers to provide him appropriate advice as and when necessary, whilst calling on the President to appoint more women to positions of trust in the country.

In concluding the debate, the Leader of Government Business, Sidie M. Tunis concurred that the nominees were competent and qualified to serve in the various positions to which the President had nominated them. Reacting, he said that Munda Rogers was sacked prematurely on the grounds of incompetence before retirement.

He furthered that for the first time in history under the dictates of the New Direction, that a man was removed as Attorney General and replaced with a woman. He assured MP Shiaka M. Sama, that under the disciplined leadership of President Bio 80% of the bad things that had been done by the APC will be cleared by President Bio, assuring that SLRA will be hugely transformed under the leadership of the New Direction.

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