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16th December 2018

Leading APC Politician Dubbs the 9-Man APC Committee Report as a 'Complete Bogus'

By Mohamed Kamara (20/10/18)

A top female APC politician has described the 9-Man APC Committee Report recently submitted to party members as 'complete bogus'.


Controversial but popular politician Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden of the main opposition All Peoples Congress (APC) has called on her party comrades to dismiss the proposed 9-Man Committee Report that was formally presented to the National Advisory Committee of the APC in Freetown. (Photo: Dr. Sylvia Blyden proudly showcasing her beloved APC party).

Dr. Sylvia Blyden whom, we have reliably learnt, is interestingly listed down in the dis-owned 9-Man Committee Report as Secretary to the 9-Man Committee, has described the Report with her name fraudulently inserted without her endorsement to be a complete bogus.

She said she will not be a party to such a report because it is very difficult for her to betray the huge respect which she commands where it matters most inside the APC and amongst the grassroots supporters.

"I will not be a party to the impending grievous mistake of pulling the wool over the eyes of ordinary party members by misrepresenting an impugned report to be a bonafide document," Dr. Blyden wrote in a letter made available to this newspaper late last night. Below is the full response from Sylvia:

All Peoples Congress 9-Man Committee set up by National Advisory Committee (NAC) of APC to investigate circumstances leading to the APC Party’s defeat in the 2018 Presidential Elections and to make Recommendations to NAC for a positive way forward.​


To: Ambassador Dr. Tom Obaleh Kargbo​
Chairman, 9-Man Committee of the APC​

To: Captain Emeric Spain​
Chairman (Protem), 9-Man Committee of the APC​

To: All Other Members of the 9-Man Committee​

To: Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma​
National Chairman & Leader, APC​

To: Ambassador Alhaji Dr. Osman Yansaneh​
National Secretary-General, APC​


The National Advisory Committee (NAC), whilst setting up the 9-Man Committee, clearly instructed for the members to choose from amongst themselves a Secretary and a Chairman. I am writing in capacity of Secretary to the Committee who NAC is expecting to use academic & research skills to help produce a FACTUALLY-BASED Report (with documented references) that the Committee will be presenting to NAC.​ (Photo: APC hierarchy L-R, Chernor Bah 'Chericoco', Ernest Koroma, Dr. Samura Kamara and Alhaji Yansaneh).

Collation for a Report is important but the most critical aspect is drafting acceptable presentation for which role, a Secretary is expected to ensure the final preparation is factually-based.

Now, I want to state that draft of proposed report was sent to me on the instructions of Ambassador Dr. Tom Obaleh Kargbo, duly elected chairman of the 9-Man Committee, on Saturday 13th October 2018 at 22:09pm in night via Whatsapp.​

I have carefully read the proposed report and I see very serious errors, inconsistencies and assumptive conclusions not based on available facts. This is a Report which is meant to serve the test of time and should be written based on facts that will make generations of APC Comrades, be proud. I also have a high integrity which makes it very difficult for me to betray the huge respect which I command where it matters most inside the APC; amongst the grassroots supporters.​

I know many APC Comrades have the greatest possible confidence in my ability to say the truth - and nothing but the truth – for the good of the APC party hence they have held their peace in anticipation of this report that would have my endorsement.​

I cannot and will not endorse this report and I am hereby STRONGLY advising both the National Chairman/Leader of the APC and the National Secretary-General of the APC to not accept any Report purporting to be a 9-Man Committee Report until the grave errors, inconsistencies and non-factual assumptions are corrected within the Report and with an inclusion of references cited as either footnotes or endnotes.​

I have already sent an email to Committee members, detailing errors, inconsistencies and non-factual assumptions in the report (which currently lacks cited references). Given that this first draft was only given to me on Saturday night after 10pm, it is expected that I am still rounding up my review of the proposed draft and I will send a more comprehensive dossier of my concerns in a subsequent correspondence.​

Should the National Chairman/Leader and the National Secretary-General go ahead to dismiss my concerns and accept the impugned so-called Report tomorrow Tuesday October 16th 2018 as I have been informed by Ambassador Tom Obaleh, then I will be left with no other option than to release this letter to the general membership of the APC through the various print and electronic media alongside a dossier of my reasons why I am dis-associating myself completely from what has been handed over.​

The APC made too many grave mistakes over the past two decades. I will not be a party to the impending grievous mistake of pulling the wool over the eyes of ordinary party members by misrepresenting an impugned report to be a bonafide one. Some of us have our integrity to maintain and whilst I may have high ambitions, I certainly do not have vaulting ambitions which go above the interest of our great APC party that our ancestors sweated and laboured to build. If I don’t owe anything in politics to my late father and my late grandfather who both sweated so hard; and toiled and toiled to build APC, I owe it to them and to the other APC ancestors now in the spirit world, to not be a silent party to any attempts to mislead APC party members any further. I will not be a party to contents of that Report being proposed to be handed over tomorrow. I will vigorously, publicly and most vehemently reject the impugned proposed report.​

Yours in the cause of the APC,​
-------signed------- ​
Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden, OOR, Duly Elected Secretary to the 9-Man Committee​


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