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14th December 2018

Military Families Express Delight as Maada Bio Consoles Victims in Hospital!

By a press release (15/10/18)

Families mourning the deaths of military officers and others killed in the road accident have welcomed the president's timely consolation.


In his tribute on Tuesday October 9, President Julius Maada Bio said it was with heavy heart that he joined his compatriots to mourn the sudden deaths of the eight military officers and their children. (Photo: President Bio visiting the military victims in hospital).

President Bio said his presence was to console everyone, particularly the bereaved families, noting that it was a difficult moment for all of them. He, however, called on the affected families to mourn with faith.

"On behalf of myself and the government of Sierra Leone, I express my profound sympathy to the families and friends of the lost ones. All of us are helpless to death, as it is inevitable. Now is the time to tap into our faith and mourn like people with faith," the President consoled.

At the Hockey Pitch on Wilberforce Barracks west of the capital, where the inter-faith funeral service took place, the president was joined by First Lady Mrs Fatima Bio, Chief Minister Professor David John Francis, Deputy Minister of Defense Rtd. Brigd. Simeon Sheriff, other members of government as well as friends and families of the deceased.

Chief of Defence Staff of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF), Major General Brima Sesay, said they were dismayed by the death of the serving military personnel who were professional and diligent in their duties. He added that it was a traumatic event for the RSLAF and noted that the deceased would sorely be missed.

"We are here today to give our last respect to our colleagues who have passed away. We are saddened by the death of active personnel but, as we all know, death is unavoidable. At this level, let me thank our Commander-in-Chief President Bio and his government for their continued and unflinching support to the RSLAF, even as we mourn our own. Once again, our hearts and thoughts are with the bereaved families," Major General Brima Sesay said.

The military personnel who lost their lives inlcude RSLAF 18168659 Warrant Officer Class 2 Ivan Pratt; RSLAF 18162650 Sergeant Tamba Morphy Kamara; RSLAF 18165009 Sergeant John Parson Turay and RSLAF 18168675 Lance Corporal Abdul Karim Sesay.

Others include RSLAF 18178536 Lance Corporal Lamin Samura; RSLAF 18183174 Private James Conteh; RSLAF 18183203 Private Mohamed Marah and RSLAF 18183224 Private Michael Ngaiwa. The four others include Ibrahim Conteh, Alie Bangura, Kelfala Kargbo and Mohamed Koroma.

Courtesy: State House Media and Communications Unit +232 76 758764/+232 88 269282


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