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15th August 2018

Press Secretary Presents the First 100 Days Achievements of President Maada Bio!

By a press release (09/08/18)

The SLPP Press Secretary Keketoma Sandi has understandably presented the achievements of President Julius Maada Bio's first 100 days.


Improving Infrastructure

An effective and efficient infrastructure forms the bedrock for sustainable development. (Photo: Press Secretary Keketoma Sandi). Poor infrastructure has been a critical barrier to accelerating growth, enhancing regional integration and reducing poverty. Sierra Leone’s infrastructure remains grossly inadequate and very poorly maintained. Within the First 100 days, the Government of President Bio has achieved the following:

Achievements – Part 1

1. An agreement was signed on 11th June 2018 between the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Finance, the Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA) and Karadeniz Powership Kaya Bey Company Limited, (Karpowership), to provide a two-year Utility Grid Infrastructure and Electricity, for the generation of electricity from its Maritime vessel docked in Freetown. The agreement reduced the tariff to 16.4USc/KWh from the original tariff of 19.596USc/KWh negotiated by the former Government. This represents an annual savings of approximately US$9 million.

2. The agreement also reduced the duration of the contract from 5 to 2 years (+ 1-year option), in line with the medium term strategy of the energy sector and to minimize Government’s exposure in the event of early termination of the contract. Contract for the supply of 30MW during the Dry Season (7 months) and 15MW during the Rainy Season (5 months)

3. A Technical Team provided by the Millennium Challenge Commission (MCC) is currently working with the Ministry of Energy to implement the Action Plan for the Energy Sector Roadmap 2017-2030.

4. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between the Ministry of Energy and UNOPS on 29th June 2018 for the expansion of the Rural Renewable Energy Project (RREP) of mini-grids from 54 chiefdoms to 194 chiefdoms.

5. The Energy Policy was launched at the Miatta Conference Hall by the Minister of Energy on 30th May 2018.

6. Rehabilitation of Bo-Kenema Transmission & Distribution Network ($52M USD) funded by DFID/ADB.

7. Ministry of Energy worked with Ministry of Finance to create the Interim Collection Account for EDSA.

8. The Ministry of Energy established a Training Center (Digital Lab) at EDSA Murray Town office.

9. In the absence of consistent payment from Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA) for electricity generated and billed, Government provided funds for procurement of fuel to sustain electricity supply to all EGTC thermal engines across the country.

10. The Ministry of Energy commissioned 2X3MW MAN Engines at Kono Power Plant for the supply of electricity to Koidu city.

NOTE: Improving Infrastructure is one of four components of the New Direction Manifesto. In this series, exclusively on Improving Infrastructure, you see instances of how the New Direction Government restores sanity in energy supply management and rids the sector of wastages; reviews extant contracts, renegotiates and signs a fresh 2-year contract that saves the country over 18 million dollars; renews hopes of power supply in Kenema and Kono; initiates the development of a National Data Protection and Privacy Law; sets up a 9-man committee to take stock of public property; commences water supply in the provinces, including solar-powered boreholes and commissions the 80 kilometer Bo-Mattru Jong Road as his first big infrastructural project since becoming President.

Courtesy: State House Media and Communications Unit, +232 (76) 277-001/+232 (76) 758-764


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