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23rd July 2018

National Assets Commission Boss to Retrieve Govt Property from Private Owners!

By a press release (12/07/18)

The National Assets Commission (NAC) is understandably determined to retrieve all government assets unjustly acquired by private owners.


Reports say the new NAC chairman Mr. Abu Hindolo Moseray has recently took his first field operation in Freetown to ascertain within the ambit of the Commission`s authority government assets suspected or actually appropriated unlawfully by private persons.

Mr. Hindolo Moseray's determination to implement the retrieval policy and the protection of government properties will definitely help to not only generate revenue for the country, it will also promote and achieve the New Direction agenda born by the SLPP government of President Julius Maada Bio.

Reports say the newly appointed NAC Chairman will no doubt bring about the necessary results that have been lacking in the National Assets Commission which have led to the misappropriation of several government assets including houses, vehicles and other properties by corrupt public servants.

The present task for Abu Hindolo Moseray now is to identify and retrieve where feasible all government properties that are in the hands of private people who bought these government properties illegally over the years.

It is against this backdrop that Mr. Moseray is calling on all Sierra Leoneans to provide cogent information to the Commission to help it retrieve government properties in the hands of the wrong people.

He further states that government properties belong to the government and people of this country and has therefore called on anyone with government property in their possession to peacefully hand over such properties before they are found and forced to handover such properties which has the risk of prosecution.

Many Sierra Leoneans think it is totally bad that government property is sometimes converted to private property. It is even worse when the proceeds from government property sales find its way to private pockets leaving the country more broke.

In other words, the situation is untenable because the government which owns the properties in the first place loses out at the end of the day but the actual people who feel the pinch are taxpayers (ordinary members of the public) whose taxes often purchase these properties dubbed public or government properties.

By statutory provision, the National Assets and Government Properties Commission, under the Office of the President was established by an Act of Parliament No. 2 of 1990: to identify, manage and control the use of national assets and government properties such as houses, cars etc. through the creation and establishment of a Master Register of all such properties.

Courtesy: The Future Media


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