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23rd July 2018

"Mondays, Tuesdays at Bamoi International Market Deter Growth in Kambia," CFN Says

By Gibril Gottor (08/07/18)

Mondays and Tuesdays public market at the Bamoi Luma International Market have a major deterrent to educational growth in Kambia.


The Children Forum Network CFN, a child advocacy organization championing child rights issues in Kambia District has identified the Mondays and Tuesdays public market days at the Bamoi Luma International Market as major deterrent to educational growth in the cosmopolitan community of Bamoi Luma in the Kambia District.

According to the children of Kambia, the Mondays and Tuesdays market days have contributed to the promotion of low concentration by the pupils to their school activities, hard child labour, children taking charge as bread winners in their families, drug abuse, less attention given to education by pupils on Mondays and Tuesdays among others.

It is a conspicuous fact that if these problems are not fixed, the Children's President in the District opined, will continue to see an increase in teenage pregnancy, an inflated number of schools drop out especially among the girls, bloated number of child trafficking offences and promote child labour and other indecent activities that derail the growth and the personal development of the children.

A parent named Mohamed Turay told this medium that he stays around Kambia II and puts the blame squarely rest on the parents for the numerous militating factors challenging the development of particularly the girls child whose number continues to dwindle down in schools across the country with Kambia not being the worst case scenario.

An effort was made during this research into the press statement issued by the Children of Kambia, Children Forum Network by the SLBC to get the view of a teacher on the concerns raised by the children but the one approached declined commenting on the topic the children describes as burning to them.

The children of the great Northwestern district of Kambia are calling on the Government of Sierra Leone and the Local dignitaries on the ground to kindly shift the market days of Bamoi Luma from Monday and Tuesday to Friday and Saturday to help their children folks to have time for their studies.


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