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23rd July 2018

APC Party Hierarchy Blasted for Neglecting Late APC Journalist Sorie Sudan! 

By a press release (07/07/18)

APC supporters have vented angry opposition for the negative manner in which the APC hierarchy maltreated an ardent APC supporter in death.


The late Sierra Leonean journalist Sorie Sudan Sesay was an ardent supporter of the APC party who until his death in London was the Press Attache at the Sierra Leone High Commission in the United Kingdom. (Photo: Late Sorie Sudan, disrespected by the APC. Rest in Peace).

Now other APC supporters are very unhappy that their beloved APC party has not treated the the late Sorie Sudan the proper way that befits a committed and dedicated supporter of the APC party, now the main opposition party in Sierra Leone.


Ernest Bai Koroma
The Leader and Chairman, All People’s Congress Party
Old Railway Line Brookfield’s
Freetown, Sierra Leone
2nd July 2018

Dear Ernest Bai Koroma:

Greetings Comrade Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, I have been following the political dynamics of Sierra Leone and the APC in particular since we lost the just concluded elections to the SLPP. It is against this backdrop that I write to officially draw your attention to the ineffectiveness of the National Secretary General of our party and request that you prevail on Alhaji Osman Foday Yansaneh to immediately resign his position as Secretary General of our glorious party for the general good.

I personally want to thank the entire membership of the party for their unwavering commitment and acceptance on the outcome of the just concluded national election.

Your words are powerful, and necessary for change especially as we are in opposition. But, you may agree with me that words are not enough at this particular point in time. We need action; result oriented and committed membership towards bouncing back into governance within the shortest possible time as per constitutional provision.

Sir, as Chairman and Leader of the party, i’m kindly appealing to you to use the power of your office to solve this whole issue surrounding the competency and proficiency of Ambassador Alhaji Osman Foday Yansaneh now before it escalates into something else.

We have totally let our guards down due to one reason or the other. I have been attending several functions at the party’s Head Quarter since April 2018 to date and the information isn’t welcoming and if we are ready in winning the next elections we must continue to strengthen our support base, settle our differences and do the needful.

I am compelled to write this letter after attending the funeral service of Comrade Sorie Sudan Sesay (RIP) and there were divergent opinions from the public on why the APC neglected their own.

Sorie Sudan Sesay until his death was the Press Attache at the Sierra Leone's High Commission in the United Kingdom and he was also the owner of Sierra Update Newspaper, Sierra Update Magazine and several online Newspapers. Sorie Sudan was one of the few journalists that gave the APC media recognition and has been very supportive to the party before we assumed governance in 2007. (Photo: Sorie Sudan handing over his Magazine to former President Ernest Koroma).

Sir, I want to further raise few point based on my assessment on the death of Comrade Sorie Sudan Sesay and please permit me to state some scenarios where the Secretary General failed to execute his duties as prescribed by law.

The party’s Secretariat, under the leadership of Ambassador Alhaji Osman Foday Yansaneh failed to institute the following measures when we lost one of the strongest media giants:

- The Secretary General never opened a book of condolence at the party’s Head Quarter for the death of Sorie Sudan Sesay, a man who had sacrificed his entire life to work for the party.

- The Secretary General failed to issue a press release notifying the general membership that they have lost one of their own. Do we need to prompt him to issue out a release?

- The Secretary General failed to lead a delegation to visit and sympathize with the bereaved family in Freetown

- The Secretary General failed to organized a laying out ceremony or a vigil ceremony at the party’s Head Quarter

- The Secretary General failed to attend the funeral of our dear comrade.

We have seen a lot of maladministration when our party’s supporters were manhandled, intimidated and to an extent some lost their lives.

In closing, I am proposing for a complete systems audit on the financial standings of the party as soon as possible.

At this particular point in time, we don’t want excuses on the issue of Sorie Sudan Sesay's funeral in particular plus several other issues. Comrade Sorie was a fine gentleman and he fought tirelessly for the APC and at least he should have been accorded the necessary respect. Even at his funeral one can easily identify and count the number of APC Members that were present or is it because he was loyal to Ernest Bai Koroma?

We need to keep our eyes on the ball and from the look of things, Ambassador Osman Foday Yansaneh needs to give space to sober minded and result oriented Comrades to serve as Secretary General till the next convention.

Until we address these little concerns, then we could start planning for politics. Heads up and boots on the ground should be our focus now as we have gained a lot and we must not watch our successes go down the drain as a party and as individuals.

Let me thank Comrade Nanette Thomas as she was the only noticeable figure for the party to have signed the Book of Condolence that was opened at SLAJ Head Quarters and Comrade Dr. Kelfala Marrah and wife who played an instrumental role in bring the remains and facilitating the burial

Sir, i want to use this opportunity to thank you and the entire membership for your continued support and commitment to the ideologies of the party.

May Almighty God continue to abundantly bless us all as we work towards the continued development and transformation of our one and only APC.

Osaii Orwaii

Thank you for your audience.


Comrade Bockarie Kukuku Musa, Communications and Media Consultant, Member of the APC Media Team, Member of the APC ICT Technical Team

cc: The Secretary General, All People’s Congress Party

cc: The Deputy Leader and Chairman, All People’s Congress Party

cc: The National Executive Council (NAC)

cc: The National Women’s Congress, All People’s Congress Party

cc: The National Youth League President, All People’s Congress Party

cc: The National Publicity Secretary, All People’s Congress Party

cc: The Majority Leader, House of Parliament


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