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14th December 2018

Ernest Koroma and 50 APC Officials Accused of Corruption by the SLPP Government!

By Abu Shaw in London (05/07/18)

The former Sierra Leone President Ernest Bai Koroma and 50 others of his APC government have been accused of rampant corruption.


This startling accusation was made official yesterday when the SLPP government of President Julius Maada Bio, through the 12-Man SLPP Transition Team, named Ex-President Koroma and 50 other APC officials as suspects in corrupt practices during the 10 year of APC rule (2007-2018). (Photo: President Bio receiving Ernest Koroma, right, recently. Love lost so soon?)

The Transition Team chaired by the Chief Minister David Francis, presented his findings to President Bio at State House yesterday. The Report clearly pointed accusing fingers to these 51 APC stalwarts and even went on further to impose travel ban on all those named as suspects.

This has definitely not gone down well with former President Koroma and others who feel that the SLPP government of President Bio are embarked on witch hunt politics designed to embarrass and damage the reputation of the suspects and the APC party in general. Below is the angry reaction of former President Koroma:


I am currently out of the country on vacation but my attention has been drawn to a 136paged Report entitled as "Report of the Governance Transition Team 2018" which was issued to the public on yesterday's date of July 4th 2018 by the Office of the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

I have also taken note of very serious allegations of corruption and other nefarious practices that I have been directly accused of within this said Report.

Furthermore, I have taken note of the statements of H.E. Dr. Julius Maada Bio, the current President whilst he referenced the contents of the Report.

Media coverage of the contents of this Report; particularly over the BBC by the BBC correspondent in Sierra Leone has also been noted by me.

I wish to now categorically state, with no hesitation, that all the allegations of corruption and other negative practises levied against my person in that Report are complete nonsense. There is not even an iota of credibility to them. In other words, the allegations are maliciously contrived up to smear my image.

I am particularly disturbed at the extent of the EGREGIOUS LIES in the Report with respect to the sale of Sierra Rutile. I was not involved nor have I ever benefited anything from such. It is mind-boggling to read and hear the way I have been smeared over what is absolutely untrue.

The motivation behind the malice within that Report against me as a person and specifically targeting the All Peoples Congress (APC) party which I lead, is pretty much obvious. The motive is for the APC to lose political capital to the benefit of the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party of President Bio. Hiding behind the cover of the presidency to undermine multi-party democracy is unforgivable.

I have handed over the 136-paged Report to my Legal Team for advise including on how I may seek redress for the deliberate and malicious damage to my reputation both locally and internationally.

I want to end by thanking Sierra Leoneans and friends of Sierra Leone who have been reaching out to express sympathies and concerns over the unfolding developments against my person by the new Government of H.E. Bio. I ask all to stay calm. I have a lot of confidence that Sierra Leoneans will come together and use this unfortunate saga as an opportunity to showcase the maturity of our democratic credentials, the sustainability of our peace, the importance of a genuine fight against corruption and the inviolability of our rights and freedoms.

This is an initial reaction which I am personally signing. Further information will be communicated when necessary through my Office and/or through the APC party channels. I will also communicate to the public immediately upon my return at the end of my much-deserved, ongoing vacation.

Courtesy: Ernest Bai Koroma, Former President of the Republic of Sierra Leone. July 5th 2018.


1. Ex-President Ernest Bai Koroma
2. Dr Samura Kamara
3. Haja Asfatu kabba-Energy & Power (former)
3. Mr John B. Sesay
4. Sahr Williams Ngegba
5. Joseph F. Koroma
6.Momodu kargbo_min. Of finance & economic dev
7. Henry Macauley
8. Income Electrix and Aggreko
9. Edmund Koroma - Former Director NASSIT
10. Allieu Essay
11. Herbert George Williams
12. Frank Kargbo
13. (Jamel Shallop, Lebanese)
14. Kholifa Koroma (Immigration Chief former)
15. Mohammed Wanza
16. Ibrahim Konteh
17. Fanny Koroma
18. Almamy Petito Koroma
18. Alhaji Ibrahim Kemoh Sesay
19. Chief justice Abdulai Charm
20. Bockarie M. Foh
22. Mrs Vicky Jusu
23.Mrs K.O. Sesay
24. Mr Emmanuel
25. Osho Coker
26. Mr Rennet Thomas
27. Professor Strasser King & wife Gladys
28. Leonard A. Balogun Koroma
29. Alen Mansaray
30. Alhaji Cole
31. Ibrahim Sayneu Sesay
32. Abass Jah
33. Chief Tony
34. Dr Julius Spencer
35.Ibrahim Ben Kargbo
36. Sylvanus Fornah Koroma
36. Dr Soccor Kabia
37. Kabba Khalu
38. Management of SL Commercial and Rokel Com Bank
39. Mr Bashoon
40. Paulo Conteh
41. Nabih Basma
42. Foday B.L.Mansaray
43. Dr Sullay Kamara
44. Mohammed King Koroma
45. Lansana Kannah
46. Abu bakarr Turay
47. Peter S. Bangura
48. Andrew Johnny
49. Ibrahim Kargbo
50. SSL Transition Management Team
51. Ady Macualey - former Anti-Corruption Commission boss


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