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23rd July 2018

Improved Water Supply is a Top Priority for the SLPP Govt in Sierra Leone!

By a press release (04/07/18)

The government of President Julius Maada Bio has recently reaffirmed government's commitment to improving water supply in Freetown. 


This good news was confirmed by the Chairman of the National Commission for Privatisation, Umaru Napoleon Koroma (centre) during recent spot checks of Guma Valley Water Company facilities including the Mile 13 and Regent Dams.

Mr Koroma was confronted with the looming threat of a water stressed Freetown. The threat, according to Guma General Manager, Bankole Mansaray is occassioned by low water levels (due to deforestation, land encroachment and less rainfall) as well as obsolete water treatment and distribution infrastructure.

Apparently disenchanted with the situation, Mr. Koroma said the SLPP government has prioritized water supply to Freetown and that his Commission is developing a strategic plan to transform the Guma Valley Water Company into an attractive entity for viable private capital investment.

"Our primary concern is to make sure Sierra Leoneans have water when they need it. This is in line with the President's vision and the President is passionate about providing basic amenities to citizens," the NCP boss noted.

He said the building of new reservoirs and a new water distribution system remain key in the NCP's drive to transform Guma. The NCP Chairman was optimistic that a €38million investment by DFID to overhaul Freetown's water infrastructure would help provide the conducive environment for meaningful private investment into Guma.

Napoleon Koroma bemoaned the high levels of encroachment on water catchment areas and Guma facilities and said steps will be taken by the NCP in collaboration with other government agencies to stop and reverse the trend.

"I will do a proper briefing to the President and it is my fervent belief that this madness will stop and the people of Freetown will be protected from severe water shortages in future," he reassured.

Guma Valley Water company was established by the Guma Ordinance of 1961, which has been repealed by the Guma Act of 2017. The Company is among government parastatals listed under the first schedule of the NCP Act to reform, restructure and privatise. It is currently undergoing realignment and strategic reform of its operations.

Courtesy: NCP Communications


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