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23rd July 2018

Magistrate Koroma Acquits 16 Accused Activists after 3 Years in Jail in Kenema!

By Philip Koroma (27/06/18)

Magistrate Alhaji Sulaiman Koroma of the Kenema Magistrate Court has acquitted and discharged 16 accused activists after three years in jail.


The good news happened on Wednesday 20th June 2018 when the sixteen lucky prisoners who were arrested on the 27th April 2015, were released by Magistrate Koroma in Kenema. (Photo: Kenema Law Court).

Reports say the 16 accused persons were arrested by the police during Independence day celebration in Kenema on allegations of not obtaining police clearance to assemble at their regional party office.

They were charged with various offences and remanded at the Kenema Correctional Center but were later granted bail after bail application by their Defence Counsel Lawyer Abdulai Bangura.

Reports say all the 16 accused persons appeared in court 53 times with no verdict slammed until a no case submission was filed by their Defence Counsel Lawyer Abdulai Bangura. The current Deputy Minister of Justice Lawyer Abdulai Bangura prior to his appointment was the lead Defence Counsel for the imprisoned sixteen persons.

Amongst those acquitted and discharged include a staff of the Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone Hassan Samba Yajah; the District Women's leader of SLPP Mrs. Ella Goba; Mr. Sama Vandi Sama, District Secretary of SLPP; the District Publicity Secretary of the SLPP Brima Dawson Kuyateh and Benson Quee the Regional Organising Secretary amongst others.

They were all acquitted and discharged on Wednesday June 20 following a no case submission by the Defence Counsel headed by lawyer Abdulai Bangura, who is now the SLPP government Deputy Justice Minister.

The prosecuting team could not reply to the no case submission filed by the Defence Counsel thus subsequently leading to the acquittal and discharge of all accused persons.


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