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23rd July 2018

Is Sacking of Charles Margai a Wake Up Lesson for the House Clerk and Others?

Asks Knana Kanthe 27/07/18)

I have known the Clerk of Parliament, Paran as a brilliant young man even before he entered the corrosive path of Sierra Leone politics. 


When I saw Paran Tarawally being used by radical henchmen in the SLPP to wreck violence on Members of Parliament who are representing the opposition, I very felt disappointed. (Photo: Clerk Paran signing documents in parliament).

They forced a Speaker of the House Parliament through terror, brought in Kamajor ex-fighters, all dressed in police uniforms. These Kamajors brutalized men who were constitutionally elected to represent the people. The Commonwealth rigging project maintained a deafening silence and Mahama of Ghana was watching us on television from afar, in his expensive mansion in Accra.

Through the advice and participation of Charles Margai, they cooked an injunction to restrain MPs of the opposition from voting for Speaker of Parliament. A total of 16 MPs from the APC were slammed with injunction by judges in Freetown and the Northern Province. These judges killed hopes for a more effective system of checks and balances by Parliament, a paradigm which many people would have thought was good for democracy in Sierra Leone.

Later, we saw my friend following directives from Charles Margai and State House that these MPs should be beaten and sent out of parliament. After brutalizing APC MPs they succeeded in imposing a Speaker, Dr. Abass Chernor Bundu and a Deputy Speaker. Charles Margai, the man who says he want justice to be given to everyone was the very man who was guiding the SLPP to impose a Speaker and Deputy Speaker. (Photo below: Mr. Charles Margai, right).

The recent statement of Charles Margai explained it all. After a brief misunderstanding with the imposed Speaker of the House, it has been revealed that Charles said it was him who made Abass Bundu Speaker of the House.

Well, after few weeks, you were disgracefully sacked as Attorney General and Minister of Justice. The parliament which you (Charles Margai) helped to destroy through the imposition of an illegal and morally bankrupt Speaker, Dr. Abass Bundu cannot help your reputation. Now, Bio's henchmen can say anything against you. You heard what the Minister of Information said: "They are aware that you held meetings with the Chief Justice, Bank Governor and Head of the ACC," as if you did without their consent.

Would't be so nice for our democracy to have a Parliament that will call for an investigation on the reason why you were sacked. When you were Attorney General, you never thought about that. We know that there was something wrong. Your dismissal was not entirely your fault. Something went wrong and you may have stood your ground to stop these Bio henchmen from improprieties. You may have resisted but you were all alone in the lion's den.

You may have resisted them and there is no doubt about that but they had already used and misused you before you know. You were asked to take upon a non-traditional duty as Attorney General in their desperate attempt to remove the Head of the Anti-Corruption, the Chief Justice who is a judge of the Supreme Court and who has not reached his retirement age and the Bank Governor because they are not Mendes. They used you and then leaked the memo so that it will appear as if you are the person who is the bad one. In other words they used you and then kicked you from the behind.

Dont you think if Parliament had remained what the people voted for, respect for opposition majority and respect of their right to participate in the election of a speaker, at this time your sacking would have led to a thorough investigation and this would have included you being summoned before Parliament to explain. That will never happen because you helped to create will never make your sacking an item for parliamentary debate and scrutiny.

Let me conclude by using the Charles Margai example to advise my friend, the Clerk of Parliament, what goes around comes around. Do not say I am indivisible and immortal. That I have immunity. It will be too late... "Stay you imperfect Speaker, tell me more," Shakespeare.

Courtesy: Knana Kanthe, Quebec, Canada


1958 -1980


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