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15th August 2018

Death of Sierra Leone Journalist Blamed on the Beatings by APC Party Thugs!

By Pastor M. Sesay (11/06/18)

The sudden death of Journalist Ibrahim Samura in Freetown has been blamed on the merciless beatings by APC thugs weeks ago.


Staunch ruling SLPP supporters, including the author Pastor Sesay, have put the blame squarely on the corridors of some APC thugs who beat the hell out of Journalist Ibrahim Samura whilst covering the just-ended presidential run-off elections in Sierra Leone. (Photo: The late Sierra Leonean journalist Ibrahim Samura).

In a press release, Pastor Mohamed Sesay writes: The most radical journalist Sierra Leone has seen for many years, Ibrahim Samura, is dead having given up the ghost at 34 Military Hospital yesterday morning after a short illness which is akin to that of a victim who had suffered pains under the hands of assailants who brutally attacked him. Samura's death was as sudden as it was shocking to the journalism field in Sierra Leone which episode must never be taken lightly by those in the journalism world.

His death is a shocker which drew many tears considering what he went through just a few months back in the hands of thugs of the now opposition All Peoples Congress party. The APC was in power then when the almighty beating of Samura and another journalist took place and the amazing part of it all was the daring impunity employed by his assailants who didn't give a hoot that they were offending people who were busy performing the duties that they were paid to do. Fear gripped the media field in Sierra Leone after that brutal beating by men and a woman who are known to be walking the corridors of State House during the APC regime.

Olu Gordon trained and a former police officer, Samura proved himself to be a fearless journalist tackling issues of national interests on most times. He did have his flaws as an imperfect mortal but his contributions to the journalism field are commendable. (Photo: The Sierra Leone Police Chief Dr. Richard Moigbe. Is the police investigating?

His style of taking issues head on did offend many people as happened at Lumley on the 2018 Presidential runoff election day when he did take things head on with those whom he suspected to be acting contrary to law.

According to what he explained to this press a month ago, on that day, himself and some other journalists were driving around observing the election process with full accreditations when they met this band of APC thugs which had in it people with notoriety including Washingai, Sanusi Bruski, Herbert George Williams, Alomed, Moisa Kekura and ex President Koroma's daughter, Dankay Koroma.

"When I saw them around the Presidential Lodge area, I knew they must be up to no good so I encouraged those with me in the car to tail them." Samura explained.

He said that around the Lumley area he took out his phone to take photos when he saw the above named persons attacking people whom the thugs identified as SLPP supporters. "I just believed then that I had the right as a journalist to expose such wanton crimes so I went to work," he said.

He said it was while he was filming the thuggish attacks that he felt a blunt object hit him from the back and when he turned around he found he was completely surrounded with President Koroma's daughter, Dankay Koroma, standing closest to him. He explained that he was beaten with a heavy chain all over his body and stamped on by his assailants which drew blood and caused swellings which he nursed till his dying day. He explained that since that beating he was never himself again as he went through constant pain and nightmares.

Samura reported the matter to the police but no arrests were made. Now he is dead and it is high time arrests are made for his murder. The law authority called Archibald makes it crystal clear that when a person dies within a year and a day after being assaulted, the charge must be murder.

Samura died less than three months after that brutal attack which means that he was cold bloodedly murder by those APC thugs who chose to attack an innocent journalist who was busy doing his job.

Some of his assailants have escaped abroad but they can still be extradited to Sierra Leone to face murder charges. Those who are here must now report themselves to the nearest police stations for them to be charged with murder. Journalists all over this country will never feel at ease until justice is done. Courtesy: By Pastor Mohamed Sesay.

However APC Supporters are Disputing the SLPP Baseless Accusations!

Main opposition APC party supporters are furiously denying any APC links to the death of Journalist Ibrahim Samura. They believe his death has no links to the beatings the late man received from the APC thugs few weeks ago.

The APC supporter writes: Victor Lewis was with Ibrahim Samura when he breathed his last and he has told us categorically that the late man died of cardiac arrest. Our brothers from the other side should stop playing politics with the pains of the man's family and friends.

Obituary Announcement

The sudden death is hereby reported of Mr Ibrahim Samura, Residents of P&S Community back of Old School, Hill Station, Editor in chief of the NEW AGE NEWSPAPER which sad event took place at the 34 Military hospital, Wilberforce, Freetown on Wednesday the 6th June 2018.

Mr. Samura is survived by his wife, Inspector Memuna Samura attached to the New England Police Station, mother Ya Balu Turay, three children namely Fatmata Faith, Joshua Hemoh and Ruth.

Sympathisers may call on the following contact numbers - 1. 0023277864387; 2. 0023279661132; 3. 00232 88863995. Funeral arrangements will be announce later.


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