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15th August 2018

SLPP Murderer Gets 40 Years Sentence in Kenema for Killing an APC Supporter!

By a press release (08/06/18)

High Court of Sierra Leone presided over by Hon. Justice Ivan Sesay in Kenema has slammed a 40 years jail sentence on one SLPP murderer.


The court verdict happened on 16th April 2018, when Mr. Garmoh Fomba, a supporter of the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) in Kenema, was convicted by a 12-man jury for the extra-judicial slaughtering of Mr. Mohamed Taimeh, a youth activist of the now main opposition All Peoples Congress (APC). (Photo: Kenema Law Court).

Poor Taimeh was tortured to death in Kenema last year, allegedly at the hands of seven supporters of the SLPP. This was at a time when the SLPP was the Opposition party. Kenema has always been an SLPP stronghold and APC supporters practice their politics there at grave risk.

Last year, under the guise of forcing him to be initiated into the sacred secret male Poro Society, the seven SLPP supporters, led by Garmoh Fomba, Jibao Gaima and Abdulai Quee, brutally slaughtered the APC's Mohamed Taimeh in Kenema. The SLPP supporters had alleged that Taimeh had said he will not join the Poro in Kenema as it was SLPP dominated but he will prefer to join the Poro in the Northern Province. That was why he was seized from his home and brutally killed.

Reading his sentence out in Court, Justice Ivan Sesay said the evidence which was tendered against the seven persons indicated they all or some, may have worked together but the charges proferred did not include Conspiracy so the Jury have decided to let the six SLPP supporters go free whilst the one man Garmoh Fomba who actually undertook the physical act (amongst the numerous acts which surrounded the eventual death), which caused the death, was the only one found guilty of Manslaughter.

The judge took his time to explain the nitty gritty of the Law and why the six men were set free and why just one of them has been convicted of the crimes which were on the indictment and which indictment sheet did not include a charge of conspiracy. Amongst the six SLPP supporters set free were Jibao Gaima, Abdulai Quee and Karmoh Lahai.

Despite such a trial and 40 years conviction of one of the seven accused which may have been seen as deterrent, it is a fact that in recent days, there has been an eerie repetition of such extra-judicial killings with political overtones. One such topical one concerns the late Mr. Abu-Bakarr Kamara, an APC Zonal Chairman in Lumley, Freetown who has lost his life and once again, his murder is allegedly at the hands of seven SLPP supporters.

In this latest extra-judicial killing which occured on Saturday May 26th 2018, there have emerged very serious allegations from Mr. Cornelius Deveaux, the National Publicity Secretary of the now-opposition APC that highly placed officials of the now-ruling SLPP-led Government within State House, Ministry of Internal Affairs which supervises the Police, the Sierra Leone Police itself, Ministry of Youth Affairs, an elected SLPP official and staff of a local radio station FM98.1, are engaged in a massive cover-up to mask the fact that there was political bad blood behind the murder of Mr. Abu-Bakarr Kamara, an APC Zonal Chairman for Lumley in Western Area. This newspaper is however holding on to the full allegations until we complete getting the side of all concerned. If we are unable to reach all the required sides by close of business today, we will go ahead and publish our findings as gathered so far.

Meanwhile, the late Abubakarr Kamara was laid to rest last week Friday June 1st 2018, amidst weeping and wailing of thousands of APC members and other sympathizers. Mr. Franklyn Kamanda, a brother of then killed APC Chairman and the wife of the deceased APC Chairman have extended thanks to the APC for the solidarity and support shown to the family. They however urge the Government and the Police to not only speed up the investigations into the murder but to also provide security protection for the family at the residence. They say they fear for their lives. The wife, who is herself also an APC Chairlady, is with a young toddler she had with the murdered APC chairman.

Courtesy: By the Awareness Times newspaper (Monday June 4th 2018).


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