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15th August 2018

APC Calls on SLPP Government to Trigger MPs to also Speak Krio in Parliament!

By Abu Shaw in London (07/06/18)

Many Sierra Leoneans, like the APC, think it is time for MPs to legislate laws to legitimise the speaking of the Krio parlance in parliament.


This clarion call has intensified in recent weeks in the aftermath of developments in the Sierra Leone parliament where some Members of Parliament could not express themselves properly in the Queen's Language English. (Photo: Parliamentary Clerk Paran Tarawally signing documents. Will the House amend the language issue?

At the moment, Sierra Leone parliamentarians are legislated to use the English language as the only medium of communication in parliament. And this has unearthed many language loopholes during parliamentary deliberations which has now exacerbated the call by the main opposition APC party for a review.

All started recently when two APC Members of Parliament Amadu Kanu and another female MP were unable to properly express their views in English. This did not go down well with the All Peoples Congress Party who are now asking the SLPP government of President Julius Maada Bio to urgently look in the matter.

Reports say, the APC party has requested the ruling SLPP government to mandate parliament to review Section 90 of the 1991 Public Order of the Sierra Leone Constitution which states that all businesses should be communicated in English in Parliament.

This request is obviousy a tall order by any stretch of the imagination and now some are very critical of the addition of Krio language in parliament. Cynical MPs are blaming the poor standard of education in the country and are therefore calling on their colleague parliamentarians affected to freshen up their brighter grammar lessons or resign. But resignation is a very unpopular suggestion indeed!

Some SLPP government officials are putting the blame on the last APC government of President Ernest Koroma. "If good number of APC MPs in the current parliament cannot adequately express themselves, then it indicates the massive scale of the educational problems left by the previous APC government," SLPP party officials castigate.

Sierra Leoneans are presently appreciative of President Bio's initiative to provide free primary and secondary education for everyone in the country. Some SLPP MPs are ridiculing APC MPs by telling them to rush and enroll in the next academic session to improve their educational standards.

Putting the blame game aside, many independent observers think it is very appropriate and timely to add our own local dialect Krio in to the fold of languages spoken by MPs in parliament. Out of the 16 local languages in the country, Krio is the most popular and widely spoken language by Sierra Leoneans.

Campaigners are therefore sensibly suggesting that the Krio parlance must be added in parliamentary affairs just like the English language which is constiutionally the only recognised mode of communication in parliament.

It remains to be seen if this suggestion will bear fruits in the future. Many countries around the world use their local dialects constitutionally during deliberations in their respective parliaments. Sierra Leone too can do it if the patriotic commitment is there.


"The point, the point I want to make that has to do with the statement of President Bio. That eh, eh, that em that for those undisclosed reasons oil companies eh, eh, emm, emm, have to abandon the wells. Colleague Honourable members, between 2013 to 2015, oil prices collapse, oil prima, oil, oil, oil prices collapse. Mr. Speaker are you with me Mr. Speaker?" (Yes, I am with you. I am with you.) Mr. Speaker assured him. "Oil prices collapse from $110 to $29 per barrel. And when this happen colleague honourable members, exploration companies, exploration companies, especially companies that are mining, explore, doing exploration in dor, in deep, in deep waters like Sierra Leone, like Sierra, like Sierra Leone suffered. Because of this Mr. Speaker, colleague honourable members, because of this Mr. Speaker colleague honourable members, the, the, Mr. Speaker because of the circumstance." (Hon. Member, your time is up.) Mr. Speaker stopped him with additional pleasant comments.

All Honourable Kanu Wanted to Tell Parliament was:

Between 2013 and 2015, for undisclosed reasons, oil companies, especially oil companies that were mining in deep waters like in Sierra Leone, had to abandon the wells because of the drastic fall in the oil prices from $110 to $29 per barrel.

Courtesy: Ribbi


1958 -1980


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