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15th August 2018

SLPP Inherits Darkest City in the World and Spends 36 Billions to Electrify Freetown!

By a press release (07/06/18)

Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone is now the darkest city in the world as the SLPP government spends 36 billion Leones monthly for electricity.


The Finance Minister Mr. Jusu J. Saffa has confirmed to journalists that within a month his ministry has spent more than thirty six (36) billions leones on energy alone just to make sure the city is illuminated. (Photo: Even the Sierra Leone parliament also recently felt the pinch of electricity shortage).

Sierra Leoneans and foreign residents have expressed fear and doubt about the permanent and constant blackout in Freetown described as the darkest city in the world.

Power cuts have intensified since the SLPP government of President Julius Maada Bio assumed office in April this year and sceptics suspect that the former APC government of President Ernest Koroma must have directly or indriectly sabotaged electricity supply to give the new government a bad name.

APC government continues to get praise for power supply availability in the country during their 10 years in power but critics are now suspicious that the new SLPP government inherited a rotten system from the APC party that was not properly planned to have a sustainable and permanent electricity supply for their consumers in the country.

Now the SLPP party is putting the blame squarely on the corridors of the APC by adducing that if it is true that APC had done their homework well in providing electricity as is widely believed, then the new government shouldn't be having power supply problems today. "We now believe the APC government only corrupted electricity over the years," SLPP Minister noted.

Latest reports say the SLPP government has made concrete temporal agreement with a Turkish Power Ship currently berthed in Freetown thanks to an APC invite few months ago, to provide power supply in the interim until permanent and sustainable solutions are achieved.

Ousted APC Former Leader Ernest Koroma Blames the West for Downfall!

Ex-President Ernest Bai Koroma told President Bio in his Handing Over Note that the APC became enemy to the West because the party stood to provide for poor Sierra Leoneans. SLPP has succumbed. The West actually fought APC because President Koroma refused to lift subsidy on fuel. President Koroma actually stood for the very poor Sierra Leonean. See excerpt below.

"Although we have become more liberal as the world modernizes, the All Peoples Congress (APC), the party on whose ticket I got elected in 2007 and 2012, was founded on a platform of Socialism. Therefore, upon my election in 2007, I did not abandon the APC’s core belief that Governance must be predicated on the importance of efforts to minimize the burden of poverty on the population, expand access for the common man and woman and do everything possible to leave no-one behind.

"Against the above foundation and much to the displeasure of some of our valued development partners, my Government refused to end Government’s subsidies in various sectors. The subsidies cushioned the effects of poverty in a prompt manner that can be likened to your own ‘Prompt Action On Poverty Alleviation’ (PAOPA). This means my Government had already been on a pathway which you may now be comfortable to emulate as far as poverty alleviation is concerned. For my Government, we were willing to incur the wrath of some of our key partners than compromise on our obligations to help reduce the state of poverty we inherited our citizens to be in," former President Koroma said.

Meanwhile, prices of petroleum products have been reviewed as follows effective May 28, 2018. Petrol is 7,669.95 ; Diesel is 7,854.81; Kerosene is 7,712.21.

Courtesy: Abdul Malik Bangura


1958 -1980


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