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24th June 2018

First Lady Fatima Defended by the APC Mouthpiece Sylvia for the Military Parade! 

By a press release (04/06/18)

First Lady Fatima Bio is lucky to have a shoulder to lean on after Dr. Sylvia Blyden defended her for the recent military parade incident. 


Cynics went overdrive on social media at the weekend when the Sierra Leone First Lady Fatima was seen at a military parade in Freetown which many critics construe as a 'Guard of Hounour'. (Photo: Fatima checking the young Lieutenants at the passing out ceremony).

But luckily for the First Lady, an unlikey defender for Fatima Bio in the person of Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden has come out fighting to clear the air in her favour.

Sylvia writes: "This picture has been shared all over social media with no proper explanation and it is very sad how it has been misinterpreted due to the incompetence of those working around First Lady. What is shown is not an inspection of a Guard of Honour.

"Only President Bio inspected the Guard of Honour. What you see First Lady Fatima Bio doing is called "PIPING" of the new officers. Usually, great pride is taken when an officer, newly entering a rank in the military, gets his buttons or crowns, first dressed on his uniformed shoulders by a distinguished citizen of honour.

"And if the officer is able to get a woman of high honour to Pipe him, then it is a dream come true. What First Lady Mrs. Bio is doing in that picture is Piping the new officers by placing their Lieutenant ranks on their shoulders. That's all," Sylvia noted. (Photo below: President Bio, Vice President Dr. Juldeh Jalloh and Fatima at the military parade).

How Do I Know All This?

"Well, firstly I grew up next door to Juba Barracks and so I do know so much about military issues including Military Codes. Secondly, in the year 2013, as the Special Executive Assistant to H.E. Koroma, I was once asked to do the honour of piping some freshly promoted Lieutenants and Captains of the Presidential Guard team into their new Ranks of Captains and Majors at their presidential guard mess. I still have those photos.

"That is no inspection of Guard of Honour. It is Madam Bio piping the proud new lieutenants with their ranks and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Dassol," she continued.

Unar Sorry for Fatima Now

"However, I hope she will have learnt her lesson now that being the First Lady means carrying herself with dignity. This means ending those political lies and very abusive comments she used to throw at political opponents. It is quite distasteful when a First Lady, who should be mother of all, reduces herself to throwing ill comments against APC. I give permission for this comment to be freely reshared out of here," she concluded with a stern warning.

Courtesy: Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden OOR.


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