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15th August 2018

Wet Maada Shovels Garbage in Trucks in his First Cleaning Day in Freetown!

By a press release (04/06/18)

In heavy down pour of rain, President Julius Maada Bio participated in the National Cleaning Day exercise last Saturday in Freetown.


A State House press statement in Freetown has confirmed President Bio's participation in the National Cleaning Exercise on Saturday June 2, a national exercise which his SLPP government instituted in April as part of his new Executive Directives. (Photo: President Bio shovelling rubbish during cleaning day on Saturday).

On the maiden National Cleaning Exercise last month the President was out of the country on international duty but with the second National Cleaning Exercise, President Bio was very determined to lead by example and thanked Sierra Leoneans across the country who have supported the National Cleaning Exercise.

The first stop of the President was at the Lumley market where he spoke to traders and many enthusiastic young people who had come out to clean. President Bio thanked them for participating in the Cleaning Exercise, adding that, the willingness of the people has shown that people are prepared for change.

From Lumley, President was driven through Congo Cross, St John, Sanders Street, Siaka Stevens Street to East End Police. At each area where he met people cleaning, he thanked them for participating in the exercise especially in the rain. At Siaka Stevens Street, President Bio met one of the garbage collection trucks, wore his gloves and took a shovel to clear the garbage.

The most populated area was at East End Police where President Maada Bio was received by the Mayor of Freetown Aki-Sawyerr and several government Ministers who were supervising the cleaning exercise. (Photo: President Bio with First Lady Fatima in readiness for the cleaning exercise).

Continuing to lead by example, President Bio also wore gloves, took a shovel and helped in the process of clearing the garbage. From East End Police, President Bio walked through Abacha Street thanking traders and the young people who came out in huge numbers.

Many people were very delighted and praised the President for showing exemplary leadership by coming on the streets to participate in the exercise. Also impressive was the huge number of military personnel participating in the cleaning process to provide supervision.

Despite the rain, the President was very determined to show that if the ordinary people could come out to clean in the rain, then he would be with them.

During the cleaning exercise, the President was accompanied by the First Lady Mrs Fatima Bio, the Chief Minister Professor David Francis, Mrs Melrose Kargbo, Deputy Minister of Works and Public Assets and the Inspector General of Police, Dr. Richard Moigbe.

Courtesy: State House Media and Communication Unit; +232(88)269282/ 232(76)267664


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