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24th June 2018

Why SLPP, APC, NGC, C4C, Urge Maada Bio to Appoint Charlie Boye as Youth Leader!

By a press release (02/06/18)

Bamine Charlie Boye is a very lucky breed after political parties called on President Bio to appoint him as the new National Youth Commissioner. 


The call on President Julius Maada Bio by all political parties to appoint Charlie Boye as boss of the National Youth Commission is rarely seen in Sierra Leone politics. Nice to see youths across political lines strongly voicing out their support for Charlie. (Photo: President Julius Maada Bio).

A lot of excitement have grown among youths and they strongly believe that Charlie is well positioned to change the face of the commission and help solve the many issues youths face in the country.

Also, many youths have pointed out that despite Charlie's support for The New Direction Agenda of the SLPP government, he has also shown political tolerance and have more friends from all political parties than many others.

Youths believe that Charlie’s connections, expertise, and qualifications best positioned him to deliver. Youths across the country have strongly voiced their supports for Charlie and they are confidence that President Bio will listen to their call.


As a young person, I have worked very hard for children and on peace and conflict resolution in my own capacity. I have served as the President for the Children of Sierra Leone through the Children's Forum Network, a child to child advocacy organization established by the government of Sierra Leone as a result of the decade years of war in order to serve as a strong and respected voice for children. And also to help change the mind set of children who are affected by the war in other to serve as change makers and agent of peace.

I was also a Child Expert at the Economic Commission for West African State (ECOWAS) executive secretariat in Abuja Nigeria for the drafting of the ECOWAS Child Policy which include policies that focus on children and post conflict societies.

Moreover, I have organized post conflict workshops for children and young people in 2006 which focused on the role of young people in reconstruction after conflict resolution. And this workshop was sponsored by Plan-UK and Sierra Leone, the UK Parliament Sub-Committee on Children. Finally I am the Founder and Executive Director for Children's Agenda-International, a mission to advocate, lobby, raise funds and provide supports for children in conflict zones and developing countries.

I was fortunate to serve as Sierra Leone Youth Representative to the 101 Young African Leaders Forum (07) which focuses on serving as a strong power to ensure that young people serve as sustainable change makers and creat impact in their communities.


1958 -1980


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