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24th June 2018

SLPP Acute Electricity Shortage Plunges Parliament in to Total Darkness!

By Abu Shaw in London (28/05/18)

The acute power supply in Sierra Leone since the SLPP government occupied State House has turned the country in to the 'darkest in the world'.


Just few weeks in to governance, the SLPP government of President Julius Maada Bio has astonishingly scored very low marks in electricity availability in the capital Freetown and the rest of the country. (Photo: Sierra Leone Parliament in total darkness as SLPP government struggles to provide electricity).

The lowest point in this shortage saga became glaringly obvious when the House of Parliament was seen in total darkness last week. It was an eyesore that the law makers, who were apparently unable to execute their functions normally, could not even comprehend the reason or reasons why the sudden worsening of electricity supply in Sierra Leone.

As Sierra Leaneans await answers to the many questions relating to this latest problem just weeks in to SLPP governance, the struggle continues. "Is it APC sabotage before they left office? Or is it mere inefficiency on the part of the SLPP?" are some of the questions that need urgent clarification.

Even SLPP Sympathiser Umaru Fofana of the BBC Could not Hide the Blackout Disgust!

From his Facebook page Umaru touches on the electricity shortage: "We know they are new in office but the SierraLeone government must really explain to us how come the dramatic drop in electricity supply in Freetown. I left the office yesterday amid a long drawn-out blackout to be able to work from home. I was slapped by the same power unavailability.

"My generator ran all evening until bed time. This morning as we woke up for Suhoor in this holy month of Ramadan, we had to power on the generator again until I left for work. Here I am at the office hit by yet the same blackout. The watchman says there was no electricity all night. (Photo below: Going back to the dark ages).

"My laptop is down. I can’t work. Should I go back home and power on the generator since the office one is broken? And I have loads of work to do which I can’t do from home today. Someone should tell us why the dramatic drop, besides the age-old excuse that the hydro dam is being repaired," journalist Umara concluded.

APC Mouthpiece Dr. Sylvia Blyden Explains why the SLPP Government is Failing!

"Na inefficiency combined with a pro-elite agenda," Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden reacted after pondered why the sudden worsening of power supply in Sierra Leone under the Presidency of Julius Maada Bio.

Sylvia noted: "The APC usually made adequate subsidising of electricity during the times Bumbuna Hydro shuts down for general maintenance... Extra HFO fuel will be bought to tide electricity supply - through thermal generators along the axis supplied by Bumbuna (Tonkolili to Bombali to Freetown) - during the Bumbuna shutdown.

"I was telling someone today that the stark difference between pro-poor APC and pro-elite SLPP is now staring us in the face. SLPP does not want to spend money on poverty alleviation. They prefer to keep the revenues in the Bank and bluff that the money is in bank.

"APC spends money on pro-poor activities like subsidizing electricity especially during times like Bumbuna Hydro shutdowns. APC is pro-poor. SLPP is pro-elite," the APC mouthpiece and former APC Social Welfare Minister Dr. Sylvia Blyden proudly stressed.

At the end of the end, it is ordinary poverty-stricken Sierra Leoneans who could not afford power generators who are feeling the pinch most. Without power supply, many small businesses and petty traders and their families would suffer.

Observers are hoping that President Bio would stamp his authority in this direction as soon as possible. "Elitism does not pay these days. That's why Donald Trump won by defeating the Hillary backed-political-elites. Shameful that commoners are suffering under the SLPP. Bio Tiger is unacceptable. Something needs to be done fast Maada," the organiser newspaper urges.

Electricity Supply Hope as Finance Minister Secures Solar Project for Sierra Leone!

By a press release

Sierra Leone, one of the darkest countries in Africa in terms of electricity, needs more than ever any source of power supply for their daily lives. Luckily for Sierra Leoneans, the new Sierra Leone Minister of Finance JJ. Saffa (photo below) has successfully secured the financing of 60MW solar energy project with the assistance of World Bank Vice President for Treasury.

It became a fruition during a recent meet in Busan in South Africa where many African Ministers attended this years Africa Development Bank Annual conference.

Minister Saffa said Freetown, the capital city, has been on expensive and unsustainable emergency power supply for 10 years under the last APC government of President Ernest Bai Koroma.

"That under the New Direction, the SLPP government of President Julius Maada Bio must provide reliable and cost effective renewable supply of electricity, " Minister JJ Saffa reiterated.

Reports say the World Bank Vice President has committed to finance 60MW solar energy for Freetown in the next few months at very cheap costs. Compared to the killer 35 US cents kilowatt per hour Aggreko, the new price for the solar will be less than 7 cents.

It is now confirmed that a high level World Bank team has been mandated to visit Sierra Leone within the next few days.


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