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24th June 2018

SLPP Diamonds are Not Forever as Vice President Juldeh's Credibility in Doubt!

By Abu Shaw in London (25/05/18)

Weeks in to governance, the Sierra Leone Vice President's handling of the 'diamond' has impacted very negatively on his credibility.


The recent 'diamond' controversy has prompted the likes of Cecelia Mattia of the National Coalition on Extractive Industries to highlight the doubts on how the SLPP government Vice President Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh has handled the 'gem' by keeping it at his residence for two days before it was tested. (Photo: Vice President Juldeh Jalloh, right, handing over the fake diamond to poor Ezekial).

Speaking on national radio FM98.1, Cecelia Miatta said VP Juldeh Jalloh should have handed over the 'diamond' - reportedly found by one Ezekial Kabba Sumana in Kono - to the National Mineral Agency for proper verification for the sake of transparency instead of keeping the said 'gem' in his house in dubious circumstances.

Cecelia noted that the reason why Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad are sceptical about the whole 'diamond' saga is because VP Juldeh Jalloh kept the 'diamond' for two days before it was tested. She, like many other compatriots, wants clear explanations as to how and why the country happens to be in this situation in the first place.

What bothers many people is the fact that after two days of controversial storage at the VP's residence, the whole world was told that poor Ekezial's 'diamond' was not in fact a 'diamond' but a STONE. That was after the authorised testing body had tested it. More doubts emerged casting a serious shadow of scepticism about the honesty of the SLPP government of President Julius Maada Bio.

The Information Minister Mohamed Rado Swarray, despite his praise for poor Ezekial's patriotic move to hand over the 'diamond' to the Vice President which miraculously turned out to be a STONE, the government minister could not dampen the scepticism currently being harboured by Sierra Leoneans and foreign observers.

Minister Swarray even accepted to the press that the processes adopted were faulty and full of mistakes but quickly promised that such wrong processes will never be repeated as the SLPP government has learnt a lesson from this misunderstanding.

This is not the first time a government under the SLPP has been involved in a shameful situation where diamonds automatically turned in to stones. The SLPP government of late President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah was also accused of same problem when a 'diamond' handed to his government was found to be a stone.

A bitter SLPP critic blasted: "Did anyone carefully watch VP Juldeh Jalloh's body language. He seems to distance himself during his handing over of the diamond-turned-stone to the helpless man. My instinct tells me something fishy went wrong and could be clearly seen in the manner Juldeh was handing over. He's totally shy in his attempt and not wanting to be included, photo and taping. I'm sure Juldeh is now taking the blame."

SLPP Supporters are Fighting Back to Keep the VP's Credibility Intact!

SLPP press release stated: "The owners of the stone came to VP residence at night on Saturday, they kept the stone till Sunday, which was not an official working day. The VP did not even touch the stone till Monday when all parties were present at National Mineral Authority office for testing. That was the when the owner of the stone submitted it for testing. It was broadcast live on TV, comparison was made between a real diamond and a stone for the public to understand. This fact and correct source from the owner as he was asked 10 times and confirmed that he was satisfied with the testing and the stone was returned to him. APC propaganda can't work."


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