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24th June 2018

The Fatima Bio Factor: Her Massive Role in Hubby's Second Time Lucky Charms

By Austine Luseni (18/05/18)

Sierra Leone's current First Lady Mrs. Fatima Bio did not just soar to the top or to glory. Fatima's electioneering contributions were pivotal.


Her current status is well merited or deserved and she could as well end up establishing herself as one of the country's most adored and celebrated First Ladies if she continues the positive path. (Photo: First Lady Fatima Bio eating condor with the President recently at Bo School cafetaria).

Fatima is a quintessence of humility, love, care, uxoria and the conjugal determination by a wife to ensure that her husband hit heights and feats.

Fatima's frantic involvement in the 2018 elections provided a huge fillip or incentive to her husband. Unlike 2012 where President Bio was bereft of a visible conjugal support, Fatima in 2018 did not sit idly by. She was thickly involved in the electioneering process, crisscrossing the country, establishing support groups of women and taking to the streets and market areas in the country to garner support and court admiration for her husband.

Our current First Lady spoke like a real diplomat during campaigns. She knew how to pour oil on troubled waters. She pacified the aggrieved, helped the needy and changed the psyche of many about her hubby President Julius Maada Bio.

President Bio rode to State House riding high on Fatima's wings. His wife's efforts did not go in vain especially when the Kono scenario in the runoff is taken into consideration. The Fatima factor was evident in that district. She was born and bred in Kono.

It is to this woman's credit that her character has developed endearing her to many for whom she has done so much. She continues to trail the blaze in her capacity as First Lady. No time to rest until the dreams of her husband are realized. A true partner!


1958 -1980


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