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24th June 2018

Impressive National Revenue Authority NRA Officials Raise 22 Billion Leones!

By Alhassan Kamara (17/05/18)

Laudable that the National Revenue Authority NRA has gradually been moving towards its targeted goal under the new direction. 


Reports say officials of the National Revenue Authority (NRA) attached at the Gbalamuya customs post, under the direct supervision of Mr. Ishmail Kamara, have collected the sum of 22.3bn Leones for the year 2017. (Photo: Under fire NRA boss Haja Kallay).

These developments came to light recently at a meeting in Kambia, where the Commissioner of Customs, Mr. Sahid Conteh, had gone to address a large number of importers, drivers, casual workers and the media, with a view to putting to rest rumours making the rounds by certain individuals that his personnel are engaged in corruption and other vice.

In his opening address, the head of the Gbalamuya Customs Post, Ishmail Kamara, lashed out at certain individuals for bringing the name of the commission into disrepute, adding that since the establishment of the Gbalamuya Custom Post, his leadership had worked hard to ensure that they meet their monthly target.

"My administration cannot be compared to any other administration in terms of revenue collection. In the month of April, we are able to collect 2.7bn Leones," supervisor Kamara stressed amidst loud applause from the mammoth gathering.

He however assured his bosses that he and his personnel on the ground will not relent in ensuring they collect more revenue for the state.

For his part, Commissioner Sahid Conteh said that people should appreciate the work of NRA, pointing out that under the government of President Maada Bio, the commission was able to collect the sum of 306 Billion Leones in less than three weeks, much to the satisfaction of the authorities.

Commissioner Conteh also dilated on several other issues, including having regular meetings with the media. Speaker after speaker commended the work of the customs officials for their collaborative work which they are proud of.

Courtesy: By Alhassan Spear Kamara


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