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22nd July 2018

President Maada Bio Highlights his 'House Cleaning Approach' in Address to Parliament!

By a press release (11/05/18)

President Maada Bio has told Sierra Leoneans that SLPP government is ready to do a thorough house cleaning exercise to benefit everyone.


Addressing representatives of the people for the first time yesterday, President Bio thanked the people of Sierra Leone for his election to the presidency amidst loud applause in Parliament. (Photo: Parliament yesterday as President Bio gave his address).

Presidential address to Parliament is required by law as provided in Section 84 (1 & 3) of the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone. All the 146 elected MPs, including 68 from the main opposition APC party, 49 from the ruling SLPP party, 8 from the C4C, 4 from the NGC, 3 Independent, and 14 Paramount Chief Members of Parliament were in attendance.

President Bio also said that his government will review the Mines and Minerals Act of 2009, Mining Lease Agreements, and the Enactment of an Extractive Bill to be in line with International Best Practices.

On jobs creation without ethnic bias, the Sierra Leone leader promised to make sure that employment level rises in the country for the benefit of everyone. He also noted that Timber Export is suspended with immediate effect.

President Bio happily remarked on revenue generation that has seen the payments of salaries in April without recourse to bank drafts and the strict implementation of Tax Laws and the harmonisation of the wage bills.

"My government will commit almost 20% of the National Budget to increase access to Free Quality Education, promising that the Free Education from Primary to Senior Secondary School will commence in September, next academic year thanks to international support," President Bio said.

He disclosed that his government has also boost the moral of teachers, saying that those with ten years experience will have their children enjoy Free University Education.

Courtesy: Sheku Lamin Turay Senior PRO Parliament of Sierra Leone


1958 -1980


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