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24th June 2018

Parliament Requests the New Foreign Minister, Alie Kabba to Submit Documents

By Augustine Samba (10/05/18)

The parliamentary Committee on Appointments and Public Service has asked the Foreign Minister nominee Alie Kabba to submit his documents.


Presidential nominee, Alie Badara Sanjan Kabba the Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation was reportedly cautioned by the Committee on Appointments and Public Service to bring his educational and other essential documents. (Photo: Alie Kabba is expected to face stiffer questions in parliament than all other nominees).

The Presiding Chairman of the Committee, Matthew Nyuma told him to submit his relevant documents and was admonished to bring his certificates for Higher Degrees.

The Minister designate for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation assured the committee that his documents are on the way and will soon be submitted to them.

However, the Committee interviewed Alie Kabba but cautioned him to follow the best practices and submit the needed relevant documents or be differed for approval to another date. Political pundits are sceptical about Alie Kabba's PHD qualification. Many have recently started prefixing 'Dr' to his name.

Alie Kabba's Comic Show in Parliament!

Alie Kabba is reported to have attempted to talk about foreign policy prosecutions of the Bio administration to a group of legislators. But some critics say 'Alie has no clue as to what influences foreign policy'.

Cynics say the whole exercise on Tuesday May 8 was a comic show as it showed Alie Kabba’s limited grasps of the complex issue not to talk of the palpable or sorrowful ignorance on the part of the legislators who were busy laughing off their sides when the Foreign Minister designate pointificated about a complex subject he himself miserably failed to demonstrate how it works.

Reports say Alie Kabba spent inordinate amount of time talking about “climate change”ostensibly to serve as the cornerstone of the Bio administration in the conduct of its foreign policy leaving one in complete wonderment to quip whether we truly have legislators of sage with the dynamics of such complex issue?

The whole exercise in my considered judgment and candid opinion amounted to speech making on the part of the Minister designate before a group of people hardly with an iota of knowledge about the complexities of the subject matter.

Alie Kabba himself came across as complete novice leaving me to conclude his conduct of foreign policy like all of his predecessors will be business as usual gallivanting the length and breadth of the globe with cap in hand asking for alms since the sovereign nation of Sierra Leone is a beggar society not known to pursue any doctrinal and cardinal strategic foreign policy niche with meaningful results.

I expected Alie Kabba to lay out ten fundamental principles underpinning the conceptualization, formulation, articulation and implementation of a nation’s doctrinal cardinal policy practices but he failed woefully not on account of lack of intellectual sustenance on his part but due mainly to the fact since independence to date beginning with the Milton Margai administration to the outgone APC government, and possibly to include president Bio as well, no one saw fit to create a foreign policy empire with mandriens comparable to what visionary leaders such as Kwame Nkrumah and Tafawa Balewa envisioned and put in places for future roles on the world stage especially going into the 21st century.

In contemporary Sierra Leone with a Ministry of Foreign Affairs without highly skilled efficient and professional with men and women adequate enough to cope with the unprecedented challenges of the exigencies of the 21st century diplomacy such as Ghana and Nigeria which accounts for the under-representation of Sierra Leone on the world stage.

What we have since independence was put in place by one individual with no input from the first civilian administration pre and post independence and it has been that way ever since which accounts for why we unfortunately have no “Diplomats” in its strict application.

When time permits I intend to dwell indepth on this complex matter on comparative basis with critical looks at foreign policy practices in Nigeria and Ghana first beginning with outlining the determinant factors underpinning the conduct of a nation’s doctrinal cardinal foreign policy niche.

In short Alie Kabba was simply on a speech making tour on Tuesday on legislators with hardly any clue as to what foreign policy practice truly is. "We dont have a Foreign Ministry," critics say.


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