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24th June 2018

Citizens and Residents Need More Awareness Tips to Promote National Cleaning Day!

By Alfred Fornah (10/05/18)

First Sierra Leone National Cleaning Day last Saturday started but it shows that residents should be clearly made aware of how to dispose rubbish.


The writer who monitors the first cleaning day in Sierra Leone shares his experience: We can be proud that citizens and residents took control of their neighbourhoods and communities to clean so enthusiastically all surroundings. (Photo: Cleaning day before and after in Freetown).

On Sierra Leone’s first National Cleaning Day last Saturday, citizens and foreign residents reclaimed the streets littered with dirts, plastics and other polluted debris that have long-plagued our nation. Everyone played their part in the big Saturday clean up including our new Vice President Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh and First lady Fatima Bio, joyfully joining others to help clean up Freetown! Other parts of the country were also cleaned by volunteers.

Imagine how clean our streets will be with such continuing efforts of a regular monthly clean up on the first Saturday of each and every month. Most importantly, with clean gutters and drainages, water will flow freely Freetown and provincial towns during the rainy seasons, preventing avoidable flooding and surely saving lives.

Many health problems will also be mitigated as dirts providing ideal breeding ground for cholera etc. will be eliminated thereby preventing any safe haven for verminous rats, mice and cockroaches that usually caused the rampant spread of diseases.

And with such clean streets the first and lasting impression visitors receive of our beautiful nation will boost our determined claim to be a destination of choice for tourists and eco-tourism.

Our first National Cleaning Day can therefore be judged a success; enjoying high levels of support from our citizens working in true partnership with local government services, waste removal company MASADA and youth groups making a real impact on the streets of Freetown and throughout our nation.

But one unintended consequence of the first Saturday Clean Up was the pall of acrid smoke that hung above Freetown for much of the day as some residents ignored advice and burnt their rubbish.

For Freetown residents, this is indeed a familiar sight - burning plastics and tyres are common practice and it is right to acknowledge that for some hillside and mountain top residents it is a long and arduous trek to the waste collection points.

But this practice has serious health consequences for our citizens and our environment alike and is one which shows there is still much sensitisation work to do for campaigning organisations and for local and government to help set the tone for successful community activism moving forward.

Courtesy: Alfred Fornah, Founder, Society 4 Climate Change Communication Sierra Leone (S4CCC-SL)


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