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15th August 2018

Happy Speaker Bundu Welcomes Rebel APC MPs to Parliament after Oaths of Office!

By a press release (06/05/18)

The Speaker of the House, Dr. Abass Chernor Bundu delightedly welcomed the sworn-in APC MPs and noted that Parliament is now fully constituted.


On May 4, the main opposition APC parliamentarians subscribed and signed to the Oath of Office that was administered by the Clerk of Parliament Umar Paran Tarawally. The composition of the Fifth Parliament of the Second Republic of Sierra Leone is now fully constituted. For procedural guidance, Clerk of the House also handed copies of the Standing Orders and the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone to the newly sworn-in MPs. (Photo: Clerk Paran Tarawally with MPs in parliament).

The Honourables who subscribed to the oath include APC MP Chernor R. M.Bah, erstwhile Deputy Speaker and running mate to Dr. Samura Kamara, Daniel Koroma, Lahai Marrah, Mohamed Bangura, Ibrahim Ben Kargbo, Hassan Sesay, Aaron A. Koroma, Kemokoh Conteh and Osman A. Timbo among others, as they are now properly seated in Parliament to discharge their duties.

MP Billon Shaw is the last among the 49 SLPP MPs to take Oath of Office, from Falaba District. The injunctions against the 16 MPs, including 15 APC and 1 SLPP have been vacated in the High Court of Sierra Leone.

Presiding Speaker, Sengepoh Solomon Thomas, who doubles as the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, in congratulating the APC MPs after they had taken and signed the oath, praised Chernor Bah and Ibrahim Ben Kargbo among others for the roles they played in settling the political impasse in Parliament, whilst reminding the House of its cardinal functions regarding representation, legislation, and oversight.

In a separate development, the Speaker of the House, Dr. Abass Chernor Bundu in welcoming Members of the ECOWAS delegation boasted that Parliament is now fully constituted, in respect of its composition, whilst recognising the leadership roles of all the parties. He referred to the said delegation as being brilliant, persistent, and courageous for resolving the political impasse in Parliament, whilst extending compliments on behalf of the Government and the People of Sierra Leone to Dr. Chambas and the President of the ECOWAS Parliament for their timely intervention.

Reacting, Leader of the ECOWAS delegation and former Speaker of the Parliament of Liberia, Edwin Snowe also extended compliments to the Government and the People of Sierra Leone, including President Julius Maada Bio, former President Ernest Bai Koroma, and the Leadership of C4C and NGC, whilst expressing happiness for the full composition of the Parliament of Sierra Leone.

Department of Public Relations Parliament of Sierra Leone OAU Drive, Tower Hill Freetown Tel: +23278495023/+23277669726 /+23278426851


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