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15th August 2018

"APC Must Apologise for Desecrating Parliament," SLPP Supporter Urges!

By Pastor M. Sesay (05/05/18)

The main opposition All Peoples Congress party were misbehaving in the well of Parliament singing war songs and banging on tables! 


The author Pastor Sesay, a strong SLPP fan writes: The scene inside the Parliament of Sierra Leone on Wednesday April 25, where elected members of the main opposition APC party were misbehaving in the well of Parliament and singing war songs and banging on tables and even attempting to launch physical attacks on the Clerk of Parliament, was very tormenting and distressing for most citizens who watched the ugly incident live on television and from video clips later. (Photo: Chaotic parliament with police).

Tormenting because those who were at the centre of it all are the last set of people in this country that anybody will expect to put up such rowdy and rabble rousing behaviour; also because the behaviour put up by them on that day is the type expected of street boys. While performing their acts they tended to forget that where they were was the House of Parliament which has its own type of sanctity and which sanctity they were desecrating with no care in the world.

It came as a shocker to most people to be seeing people who are supposed to be law makers turning themselves into law breakers and doing so with the utmost impunity. Law makers are expected to be tamed respecting the decorum and etiquettes which govern the House of Parliament but not those APC folks who were bent on making as much mayhem on that day as they possibly could. They managed in their own big way to turn Parliament into a fish market with them being the fish mongers.

An Abacha Street trader summed it up this way: "Our APC members never behaved maturely and this is totally wrong and unfortunate, an incident which has brought great shame and embarrassment on our tolongbo party"

Indeed the Abacha Street lady was right considering that the eyes of the whole world were watching that incident as it unfolded but those in the centre of it all, the rabble rousing APC elected members, never seemed to give a hoot about the kind of image that was being portrayed by them and by extension the eventual consequences of what they were doing which has forever put a blight on their individual dented images.

The saddest part is that since that incident, not a single member or supporter of the offending main opposition All Peoples Congress party, has condemned it but rather some of them have taken to explanations with self interpretations of the Sierra Leone Constitution and the Standing Orders of Parliament to back up their defence of such an ugly incident which is sure to lose them massive votes come 2023.

In fact since APC woefully lost the 2018 Presidential Election, its members' lives have now been bordered on mass explanations and interpretations of the laws of the land without break.

Everyday, day in day out, they are busy explaining one statute or one creature of statute or one common law or the other, all this mostly due to the way they were wrong footed in the 2018 election which has left them highly traumatized and highly confused and frustrated not knowing again what to do or how to explain to other members how and why they lost the election which they have been fooling themselves that they will win.

This is sad really for our APC folks seeing them in that state of acute depression explaining and explaining and explaining again all with futility with the explanations taking them nowhere but just adding more sorrows to their present woes. But not included in those explanations is the misbehavior of its elected members which has forever put a dent on whatever dignity they might have commanded before that.

As impending law makers, the APC elected members failed to realize that their impending tasks involved making laws that will affect every man, woman and child within the boundaries of this country including themselves and that if they falter this early, the laws they will be making will be looked at as null and void as those making the laws must be respecters of them.

The strange part of the whole episode is that it was not like anything was done to those rebellious APC guys but that they themselves, in their guilty consciences for what happened the previous day, assumed wrongly that the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party, planned to do something to them as they used to do to the SLPP when they were in governance, so they went to Parliament preempting problems so they beat the gun and began to become unruly.

Singing the war song "Nar now the case don wam. De foss wan na tiff den tiff, de second wan na rogue den rogue" means highly frustrated persons sobbing for the shock beating that the highly victorious SLPP, gave them with the high determination to cause mayhem. Shouting "No police, no police" even before the police entered the well of Parliament says two things about those APC elected members who refused to take oaths.

First is that their own guilty consciences were telling them that what they were doing was wrong which act deserved eviction from Parliament and second, there was a determination on their parts to dictate terms within Parliament as a form of disrespect to the Coerk when it is never in their ambits to do so.

Persisting in their unruly behaviour, Clerk of Parliament, Hon. Paran Tarawallie, had no choice but to order the Sergeant at arms to get the police to "march them out" but not to beat them as has been peddled by some APC propagandists.

If only the 16 who had been ordered by the courts not to go cast their tolongboh shadows on the floors of Parliament, had avoided there, nothing like what happened could ever have happened but they defied the courts' orders and went where they never belonged.

Authorities of the opposition APC must now swallow the little pride left in them and apologize to the whole nation for the distress caused to this nation by their members.

Courtesy: By Pastor Mohamed Sesay


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