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15th August 2018

Rebellious APC MPs Expected to Return to Parliament Today to Take Oaths of Office!

By a press release (04/05/18)

After a successful ECOWAS peace talks to resolve the Sierra Leone Parliament chaos, rebellious APC MPs will return today to take oaths.


Since the controversial election of the Speaker of Parliament Dr. Abass Bundu of the SLPP, mayhem has ensued and was made even worse after police forcefully removed unruly APC MPs out of Parliament. In the aftermath, the APC parliamentarians then boycotted all parliamentary proceedings thus making it virtually impossible for the other law makers to function normally. (Photo: Controversial SLPP Clerk of the House Paran Tarawally signing documents. He was accused of calling the police to out the APC rebels).

That was why West African leaders sent a high power ECOWAS members of Parliament to Sierra Leone this week to advise all the stakeholders to cool off and to put a semblance of good behaviour in the execution of parliamentary affairs. Now it seems, good results have been achieved thanks to ECOWAS peace makers.

Team from ECOWAS Parliament are as Follows:
Edwin Snow - Liberia; Mahama Esq - Ghana (not related to the former Ghana President Mahama); Kollie - Ivory Coast; Sam Doe - UNDP Resident Representative.

Reports say they were empowered by ECOWAS Parliament to discuss the following:
1. Both parties to drop the injunctions and by extension, the petitions;
2. All APC 68 MPs to go and take the Oath;
3. Condemn the excess use of force by the police;
4. Put a hold on all committee appointments;
5. Respect and adher to the Standing Orders that have to do with the election of Speaker and other officers; seating positions, composition of committees, etc;
6. Recommendation to change the Clerk of the House;
7. Speaker n Deputy speaker be shared between SLPP and APC;
8. Judiciary's integrity questioned;

ECOWAS delegation will issue a report tomorrow. Negotiations will continue. All APC MPs to go to Parliament on Friday May 4.


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