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15th August 2018

The AYV Media Empire Owner Junior Navo Crowned 'Man of the Year' in Sierra Leone

By a press release (04/05/18)

The African Young Voice AYV Media Empire continues to make Sierra Leone proud thanks to the excellent work of founder Anthony Navo Junior.


Mr. Navo's visionary media enterprising acumen has captivated the admiration of both local and international audiences since establishment of AYV empire few years ago. (Photo: Mr. Navo receives his award from the First Lady Fatima Bio).

As a result Mr. Navo has bagged many awards. Latest on the countless list of well deserving merits bagged by the AYV are multiple awards from the organisers of the Sisters Choice Awards.

The President of Sierra Leone's leading media empire Ambassador Anthony (Jnr) was singled out over the weekend and crowned as 'Man of the Year' in Freetown.

On the same event, Antonia Howard was recognised as Best Female Television Personality of the Year. These latest sets of awards did not come as a surprise to those who have been closely following progress being recorded by the media empire.

Mr. Navo has created a platform that continues to empower young people in the country in various shapes and forms. Women and girls have benefitted immensely from the AYV Media Empire investment, thus the recognition by the women of Sierra Leone through the sisters choice award.

Young but industrious Navo's dream is not only about employing women today but is also serving as an advocacy platform for women's empowerment in Sierra Leone.

Madam Antonia Howard is a typical example of a young graduate from the University who has excelled within a very short period of time through the AYV platform.

The 'Man of the Year' Award was presented to Mr. Navo by no less a personality than the First Lady of the Republic of Sierra Leone Mrs. Fatima Jabbie Bio. Congratulations to Ambassador Navo and Antonia.

Courtesy: AYV.Communications.Directorate


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