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15th August 2018

Why Bio Snubs Costly Independence Day Celebrations for Less Expensive OBBA!  

By Abu Shaw in London (02/05/18)

President Julius Maada Bio's strategy to abandon a costly Independence fiesta is indicative of prioritising the plights of suffering Sierra Leoneans.


Many Sierra Leoneans home and abroad think President Bio's historic decision to observe Sierra Leone's 57th Independence Day celebrations in a low profile and less costly manner - a far cry from the wasteful and expensive pomp celebrations by past governments - was a step in the right direction. (Photo: President Bio and First Lady Fatima celebrating OBBA).

Such rationality of thought could not have come at the right time, especially as the harsh economic realities faced by majority of impoverished compatriots in the country, continue to escalate daily. And painfully worsened by the erstwhile corrupt APC government of former President Ernest Bai Koroma.

"The SLPP government's cancellation of this year's Independence celebrations, that could have accrued astronomical sums from a depleted national budget inherited from the APC government, is a political masterstroke by the SLPP government," independent observers say. (Photo below: OBBA President genius Dr. Alpha Wurie).

Reports say after President Bio gave his Independence Day address on national television on April 27 in Freetown, he and First Lady Fatima Bio travelled to Bo, in southern Sierra Leone to observe the 106th anniversary of his old school, the Government Secondary School Bo, popularly known as 'Bo School'. Hundreds of other old boys all over the world also converged last week to celebrate with the new boys and their families and friends.

Organised and sponsored by the Old Bo Boys Association OBBA, the April 28 celebration in Bo was widely historic being the first time that a former student of Bo School has risen to occupy the presidency at State House. Reports say OBBA organisers made available over one hundred vehicles including buses to facilitate transportation to and fro to witness the historic moment in Bo, Sierra Leone's second city.

Old Bo School boys, now men of influence nationally and internationally, lined up one by one on the podium to give colourful and educative speeches live on AYV television that beamed the entire 106th anniversary fiesta much to the appreciation of the audience in and outside the country. (Photo above: Marchers during the OBBA fiesta).

Reports say President Bio was Head Boy at Bo School, the oldest school in the provinces and one of the oldest schools in Sierra Leone. Many prominent old boys, including the former Vice President of the APC Victor Bockarie Foh; former VP of the SLPP government Dr. Joe Demby; Dr. Joe Amara Bangali, a doyen of Sierra Leone politics; Dr. Alpha Wurie, President of OBBA and so on, were present to grace the occasion.

On Sunday April 29, there was a colourful March Pass parade along the streets of Bo, where Bo School were joined by the boys' school associations from KOSA in Kenema, in Makeni etc. All, donning their school uniforms, proudly paraded the streets amidst sweet music provided by their brass bands.

Cynics were obviously however quick to blast the SLPP government for abandoning the 57th Independence Day celebrations which past governments, including the SLPP, had prioritised to highlight the significance of political freedom that our fore fathers had fought hard to achieve. (Photo below: President Bio's humility eating 'Kondor' with First Lady Fatima).

But President Bio and his SLPP government say otherwise. "The APC of Ernest Koroma has left the country broke. We cannot afford to lavish our meagre resources on this. After all, there is nothing here to celebrate. Our people are suffering," an ardent SLPP supporter told

President Bio Promises to Launch the Best National Teachers' Award Programme Soon

By State House Media and Communications Unit

President Julius Maada Bio has announced that he will launch a Presidential Initiative For Teachers and introduce the best National Teacher’s Award Programme. He made the remarks during a statement at the prize giving and OBBA Award Ceremony of the Bo Government Secondary School which took place on Saturday 28th April 2018 in Bo.

The purpose of the Presidential Initiative For Teachers will be to improve the conditions of service for teachers across the country while the 'Best National Teacher’s Award Programme' across the country will be to honour and recognise the dedication and commitment of teachers.

Explaining the reasons for the two Initiatives, President Bio said: "Our teachers will need all the support and capacity building to enable them to do their job with dedication and professionalism."  (Photo above: Foreign Minister Alie Kabba at the OBBA fiesta).

While the President was passionate to support teachers through his laudable Initiatives, he also expressed his determination to restore discipline and order in schools and noted: "I will therefore restore Discipline and Order in our Schools and all our Learning Institutions. The pupil who does not attend school on time and the teacher who is late for school must face disciplinary action."

During the statement President Bio also reiterated his commitment to his Free Education Programme: "Let me take this opportunity to assure you all that I will continue to maintain my commitment to Free Quality Education because this is the foundation and bedrock for my development agenda to change and transform Sierra Leone."

Both the Presidential Initiative and the Teacher’s Award Programme will be applauded by teachers across the country as the President has shown that his commitment to education is not just about quality education for young people but also caring for the welfare of teachers who will deliver the quality education.

During the Award Ceremony, President Julius Maada Bio was also awarded by OBBA for National Politics as the first Bo School Boy to achieve the top most position in the land. Later, President Bio was installed as 'Chief of Chiefs' by a galaxy of Paramount Chiefs.


1958 -1980


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