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15th August 2018

Bio's Cabinet Shows Regional Balance as Alie Kabba Rewarded the Foreign Ministry!

By Abu Shaw in London (01/05/18)

The latest ministerial nominations by President Julius Maada Bio depict a clear regional balance and even fierce critics seem to be impressed.


The second list of ministerial appointments shows regional balance in the SLPP government. There are 19 appointees. Six nominees are from the North; Four from the South; Three from the Western Area and Six from the East. Whether some or all of the appointees will go through parliamentary approvals without any hitch remain the million dollar question. (Photo: Mr. Alie Kabba rewarded as Foreign Minister after excelling as National Campaign Chairman for the SLPP during the elections). Below is the list from State House:


The general public is hereby informed that it has pleased His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio to announce the following appointments subject to the approval of Parliament where necessary:


1. Chief Minister - Professor David J. Francis, East

2. Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation - Alie Kabba, East

3. Minister of Planning and Economic Development - Mrs Nabeela F.Tunis (Née Koromah), Western Area

4. Minister of Technical and Higher Education - Professor Aiah Gbakima, East

5. Minister of Works and Public Assets - Mr. Raymond Ernest Denison de’Souza George, Western Area

6. Minister of Trade and Industry - Mr. Peter Bayuku Konteh, North

7. Minister of Transport and Aviation - Mr. Kabineh M. Kallon, East

8. Minister of Mines and Mineral Resources - Dr. Morie Manyeh, East

9. Minister of Lands, Housing and Environment - Dr. Denis Sandy, South

10. Minister of Agriculture and Forestry - Mr. Joseph J. Ndanema, South

11. Minister of Youth Affairs - Mohamed Bangura, North

12. Minister of Local Government and Rural Development - Mr. Anthony Y Brewah, South

13. Minister of Tourism and Culture - Mrs. Memunatu B. Pratt, Western Area

14. Minister of Political and Public Affairs - Ambassador Foday Yumkella, North

15. Minister of Sports - Mr. Ibrahim Nyelenkeh, North

Resident Ministers

1. Resident Minister, South - Mr. Mohamed K. Alie, South

2. Resident Minister, East - Mr. Andrew Fatorma, East

3. Resident Minister, North - Mr. Abu Abu Koroma, North

4. Resident Minister, North West - Haja Isata Abdulai-Kamara, North West

Other appointments will be announced in due course.


Former APC Minister Dr. Sylvia Blyden Endorses the New Cabinet

Dr. Sylvia Blyden writes: Nothing much to condemn in here but I was hopeful for more women. With these names, I must admit that Maada Bio has just made it much harder for the APC to return to governance in next elections. He has also dealt strong bloww to the further growth of NGC in Sierra Leone. But we will see how things go. Never say never in Politics.

Waytin na "Chief Minister"? Sounds totally unconstitutional but I guess it can be explained by Press Secretary. Congrats to Nabeela, Memunatu and Isata.

Nabeela, the wife of Hon. Sidie Tunis, has a long career working at the U.N systems in Sierra Leone. She is a trusted SLPP insider who helped to quietly but most effectively promote SLPP and bring down APC within the UN systems. She is a smart lady.

Memunatu is from a family which has played their cards well... The APC naïve ones may be surprised at her appointment. Some of us are not surprised as we always knew what we knew. We always knew what we knew. We always did...

Great to have a woman as a Resident Minister. Never met her but congrats to ADP former running mate, Haja Isata. Kamarainba marketed her to us very well. Hope they mend their grievances.

Congrats to Lawyer Anthony Brewah, one of the most dedicated original PAOPA. He believes in Maada Bio with a passion.

Yumkella used to be Minister of Presidential Affairs under Kabbah until circa 2004 when he left to pursue an unsuccessful bid for Paramount Chief in Samu. Yumkella, like Dr. Manyeh and Paparay, will be the much older ministers in the Cabinet. I think they are all above 70 years or if not yet, then almost 70 years.

Overall, this is not a bad proposed Cabinet. Cheers!


1958 -1980


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