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15th August 2018

New SLPP Clerk of the House Outbursts Fuel APC Parliamentarians' Unpopular Boycott!

By a press release (29/04/18)

Since the assumption to power by the SLPP government of President Julius Maada Bio, parliament has become a hotbed for APC parliamentarians.


Basic concepts of government tell us the the Legislature makes the law that which the Executive Arm implements and could be interpreted and punish outlaws by the Judiciary.

Basic law also tells us that the House of Parliament for which a whole general election is held once after every five years consists of the President, the Speaker and Elected Members of Parliament. Basic legal interpretation indicates that the law is the Constitution, Judicial Precedents, Statutes or Parliamentary Acts, Court Orders etc.

Basic state administration teaches us that the President is the Head of State and the Head of the Executive arm; the Speaker is the Head of Parliament until such a time when the Head of State is in Parliament; the Chief Justice the Head of the Judiciary.

The recent appointment of Paran Tarawally, a former SLPP MP that has once been thrown out of our recent parlaiment by the Speaker for disorderly conduct is seen to have attempted to put out to the public information which pictures a clearcut excesses by his person over the authority of the constitutionally mandated body called Parliament.

For whatever reason one expects any serious parliamentary administrator to be of an experienced character capable of dealing with the Honorable Gentlemen of the State. However, Paran Tarawally's recent disposition on issues have demonstrated a clearcut lack of understanding of the basic responsiblities of a Clerk, that which is embedded under the law.

A day after his appointment - That which people are questioning Paran's Experience vis a vis the prerequisite for appointment of a seasoned administrator like the Clerk -came out with an unparliamentary decree to postpone the date for the first parliamentary sitting.

Paran's declaration of the postponement of the first session of parliament has been described as impotent and of no effect. A new date was agreed upon by the most competent body (The MPs) and it stands.

The Clerk, by every imagination, ought to be a public servant who ought to be in the middle of the well and to serve the interest of all parties in Parliament. But his political background backed by his recent posture in Parliament speaks volumes of his complete partisan behaviour character.

It's no secret as an immediate former member of Parliament and an executive card carrying member of the SLPP, is morally questioned for his suitability and effectiveness in the dispensation of his job as civil servant.

To many right thinking patriots, his appointment has send wrong signals to the cohesion of Parliament, the consolidation of democracy and the development of the country.

Meanwhile, Paran is reported to have almost given answers to so-called petitions against certain MPs and his possible action that he would exert in the event there is a petition even before the act.

He has threatened not to allow in Parliament any MP including SLPPs if a petition question them in the House before swearing in on Tuesday. To the legal minds and basic law, he has no authority to neither determine any action nor effect any.

Somebody tell the inexperience clerk that only a court order will stop a person from taking part in parliamentary proceedings and d clerk of parliament has no power to determine who seats in or out of parliament. Members of Parliament on all sides again must debunk this white lie before people think it is a fact.

It’s the speaker who has power to throw out a member of parliament outside the well as he PARAN was once thrown out in the recent parliament. So let him see how best he can avoid embarrassing his boss.

It is of uttermost importance that the Majority Party APC and other opposition MPs make Paran to understand his meets and bounds and avoid exhibiting partisan excesses. Paran deserves to get free Clerk of Parliament Education before he could make his boss a proud man.


1958 -1980


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