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15th August 2018

"The SLRSA Director Sarah Bendu is Anti-SLPP," Angry SLPP Workers Pinpointed!

By a press release (28/04/18)

The boss of the Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority SLRSA Dr. Sarah Bendu is not in the good books of SLPP supporters working at SLRSA.


Reports say workers at the SLRSA Kissy Road are pleading with the SLPP government of President Julius Maada Bio to rescue them from Dr. Sarah Bendu's tyranical administration allegedly meted out to many staff before she was sent on automatic leave by the last APC government last year. (Photo: Dr. Sarah Bendu).

Now reports of her returning to the SLRSA as Executive Director after her controversial leave has sent shivers down the spines of many workers, especially SLPP party supporters, who see her as anti-SLPP with the propensity to undermine President Bio's government.

In the hands of this woman, SLPP members were oppressed, and intimidated for talking in favour of SLPP. To prove us wrong or right, all those who are happy to receive her back at SLRSA are the failed APC stalwarts who are now bragging around that eventhough they did not vote for SLPP, they will enjoy best now that their mother is back," angry SLPP workers disclosed to the newpaper.

Dr. Sarah Bendu is reported to have allegedly bragged many times before that as long as her husband is a member of 'OBBA, APC or not', she will come back. "APC workers are on the move fighting good citizens at SLRSA," jittery SLPP staff continued.

Other angry SLPP stalwarts say Sarah Bendu ought not be given any responsible position in this new SLPP government. They accused her of deducting from staff salaries PAYE and NASSIT for 2 years in 2014 and 2015.

"What can she not do in the Bio government? She will definitely sabotage this government. She will be a mole in this government. Even the audit service report did not paint her well," the SLPP supporters at SLRSA noted.


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