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15th August 2018

Sierra Leone is 57 Today but Ruling SLPP and APC Celebrate with Bloody Daggers!

By  Abu Shaw in London (27/04/18)

As Sierra Leoneans celebrate the 57th Independence Day today, the ruling SLPP and the main opposition APC prefer stabbing one another.


From the bloody fisticuffs that ensued in parliament between the SLPP and APC stalwarts that precipitated the intervention of the police to boot out APC parliamentarians for unruly behaviour, to the stern position later taken by the opposition APC to boycott parliament till constitutional order is restored, is indicative of the pathetic situation Sierra Leone finds itself today. (Photo: The Cotton Tree in Central Freetown decorated for the Independence anniversary today).

In SierraLeone’s Independence message, President Julius Maada Bio rightly noted that there will be no official celebrations because of the current economic and financial crises that his SLPP government inherited from the APC government of Ernest Koroma.

And rigthly so, President Bio used his speech to appeal to all Sierra Leoneans to unite for national cohesion. "Budgetary allocations to host celebrations like this would not take precedence over the ability to pay for basic services for our people without relying on any external development aid,” President Bio stressed.

President Bio also touched on fighting corruption and reiterated his promise made during his campaigns that free primary and secondary education will be one of the top priorities of his government.

Meanwhile, the APC opposition party on the other hand, are still bitter after losing the March presidential elections. In a press release by the APC Secretariat, they disclosed that all 68 APC duly elected Members of Parliament will not return to the House of Parliament until constitutional order is restored.

"And all 10 Local Councils being controlled by the APC have been advised not to cooperate with the ruling SLPP government at all levels until such time as the House of Parliament is properly constituted. The All Peoples Congress hereby informs the General Public and APC Supporters in particular of the dangerous attempt by the SLPP and certain state functionaries to thwart the will of the people through frivolous injunctions against APC Members of Parliament," the press statement signed Mr. Osman Foday Yansanneh, Secretary General, All People's Congress warned.

Mr. Yansaneh said that these are actions stage managed that prevented our Members of Parliament from participating in the election of the Speaker of Parliament, and by default make way for SLPP Speaker imposed on the country and a parliament where the SLPP has only 49 of the 146 MPs. The APC scribe said this means that 97 members of parliament do not belong to the SLPP.
As we go to press, there is a high power ECOWAS delegation coming to Sierra Leone today to teach our politicians how to behave honourably in governance as well as in opposition for the benefit of the country and its citizens.


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