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22nd May 2018

Parliamentarians Elect Dr. Abass Bundu as New Speaker Amidst Police Brutality!

By Abu Shaw in London (26/04/18)

Unprecedented pandemonium marred the Sierra Leone Parliament yesterday as lawmakers elected Dr. Abass Bundu as their new Speaker.


The Sierra Leone police played an unprecedented role in Parliament by uprooting 'unruly and uncooperative' APC members of parliament who were openly disruptive during the election processes of the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker. (Photo: Speaker Bundu, left, in parliament yesterday).

The bone of contention was in line with the petitioning of 16 Members of Parliaments announced by the Clerk of Parliament Mr. Param Tarawalie. After several cautions by the Clerk to calm the APC fierce protests without success, he ordered the police to march out the protesting APC MPs which many observers say was not peaceful and orderly.

As a result of the chaotic situation, the former Information Minister Mr. Mohamed Bangura of the opposition APC party was forcefully bundled out of the parliament building by armed police and in the process he is reported to have sustained injuries which ended his day's dairy as a patient in a Freetown hospital. But SLPP supporters say Mohamed Bangura is a dramatist and was not injured. (Photo below: MP Mohamed Bangura in hospital bed).

Reports say the House of Parliament resumed proceedings after an hour break in sequel to the APC protests. The Honourable House commenced sittings after a Presidential Proclamation. The other opposition parties, including the C4C, NGC and Independent Candidates remained seated in the tensed Well as proceedings continued.

However, the leader of the NGC Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella strongly protested in his deliberation and said: "Forty-eight % of the House of Parliament is absent and how can the Parliament continue debating nomination of Speaker and Deputy Speaker?"

Eyewitnesses say Dr. Yumkella was not even allowed by the Clerk to air his opposition views completely. The NGC leader, who represents Kambia as MP was reportedly interrupted many times by Clerk Tarawalie, who is a staunch supporter of the ruling SLPP government of President Julius Maada Bio. (Photo below: NGC Leader Dr. Yumkella and wife Philomena in parliament).

Despite the pandemonium, the handful of parliamentarians present eventually elected Dr. Abass Chernor Bundu as Speaker of the Sierra Leone Parliament. Dr. Bundu was nominated by Sidi Tunnis of SLPP and was seconded by an Independent MP Quinton Salia Sawaray Konneh. The Deputy Speaker post was grabbed by Honourable Thomas Senghpor of the SLPP bagging 72 votes.

The newly elected Speaker is from Gbinti in the Port Loko District, Northern Sierra Leone. Dr. Abass Bundu, is a well known political figure in the country and he is a strong SLPP politician. He served as a parliamentarian from 1982 to 1992. The Speaker, a Barrister-at-Law, has a wealth of experience in international affairs including the ECOWAS where he was the Executive Director for many years.

APC Files 32 Petitions Against SLPP Members of Parliament

Kailahun - 5
Kenema - 8
Bo - 8
Moyamba - 2
Pujehun - 2
Western Area - 3
Falaba - 1
Tonkolili - 1
Bonthe - 2

In Kenema the Judge claimed he's sick, No hearing. In Bo, the Judge hasn't shown up for work, so no hearing. In Freetown, the Judge is calling for amendment and amendment, so no progress. No progress with APC Petitions while All the SLPP Petitions have been heard.


1958 -1980


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