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15th August 2018

Biker Killed as Bloody Clashes between Police and Bikers Escalate in Daru Town!

By Philip Koroma (23/04/18)

Police have clashed with commercial bikers (Okada riders) in Daru in Kailahun District with one person reportedly killed as clashes escalate.


Sources say the Police Station in Daru town and a vehicle belonging to the Divisional Traffic Office and the residence of a police chief have all been burnt down by the irate youths yesterday. (Photo: The biker who was shot dead yesterday in Daru, in Kailahun eastern Sierra Leone).

Reports also confirmed that Daru residents were seen locking themselves in their houses for fear of their lives as police officers attached to the Daru Police Station engaged in a serious fight with commercial motorbike riders.

Reports say, teargas, canisters and live arms and ammunition were fired to disperse the unruly bike riders. The cause of the fight, according to eyewitness accounts, stemmed from the refusal of the police to hand over a motor bike to the Bike Riders Union (BRU) after several pleas fell on deaf ears.

Sources say the owner of the bike was invloved in an accident recently and he was also a member of the Bike Riders Union. The deceased got involved in an accident on the Kailahun/Kenema highway which caused his death. He had left a seven months old pregnant widow. (Photo: Burning houses in Daru above).

Reports say, BRU members went to the police to retrieve the bike of their dead colleague so as to help fund the pregnant wife from the proceeds got from the bike. But the police refused to hand over the motor bike, a situation that eventually resulted to the mayhem.

As a result of the skirmish yesterday, a bike rider was allegedly shot dead by the police and over 200 persons were said to have been mobilised by the bikers who subsequently found their way to Daru. The situation was chaotic as all residents including women and children stayed indoor as the battle continues.


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