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15th August 2018

APC's Highly Bogus Supreme Court Cases and How they will be Robustly Defended

By Pastor M. Sesay (21/04/18)

Sore losers, the All Peoples Congress party, has still not come to terms with its defeat at the hands of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party SLPP.


The SLPP party crushed it into smithereens in the 2018 General Elections by sending it to the back benches for the next donkey years. (Photo: New SLPP Attorney General and Minister of Justice Charles Margai, right, with former Justice Minister Joseph Kamara, left).

Acting the top Menacer, the APC has gone to court in a futile effort to try to get the court to reverse the will of the people by lyingly ruling that the clean election conducted by the highly credible National Electoral Commission under the watch of the most honest Nfa Ali Conteh, the NEC Chairman, was not credible.

The APC members are living on wishful thinking blindly thinking that the victorious SLPP will take the case lying down without a robust fight.

From the look of things, it is becoming apparent that there is a serious conspiracy between some members of the Judiciary and the APC party which bogusly appointed them for no other reason than politics for when reasons like these Supreme Court cases, will arise.

It goes without saying that Justice Abdulai Charm is an arch APC member who has all his allegiance to his APC party having contested a parliamentary seat in Kambia District under an APC ticket.

Among the Supreme Court judges are arch APC members like Vivian Solomon and Justice Showers who will be praying that APC stays in power forever and they therefore must be treated by the Maada Bio administration with very high suspicion.

In light of this, even before the court sits, these three judges who have been positively identified as APC members must now, now and without delay, recuse themselves from those cases and resign. If they don't, the Comment newspaper will spare no bones to expose them further. In fact like the outgoing Chief Justice Abdulai Charm, all his activities at the Judiciary will be laid bare to the whole world for the world to judge if at all such a man could act independently or to be on the side of his party right from the beginning.

Look at this man called Chief Justice. Look at him again. He was working for the National Revenue Authority when he was suddenly appointed a judge of the High Court. Judges are meant to judge matters before them but not Justice Charm who left behind scores of cases unattended to since he was politically appointed Chief Justice after being a judge for just 4 years even thought there were more senior judges at the time.

What kind of a man is Abdulai Charm that he is stubbornly resisting his departure? Without wasting time, the above named three judges must resign now. In fact the Comment newspaper is of the high determination that if they don't resign before the panelling means that they are acting stubborn and there definitely is an ulterior motive behind their plans not to go and they must therefore be exposed without mercy.

Their refusal to resign will then mean that their plans are bad. No single stone will be left unturned in the determination of the Comment newspaper to expose them all. In fact if these three judges try to cling on, the Comment newspaper will not even wait again but go on the rampage now, now.

President Julius Maada Bio is a very wise leader to have appointed a strong and vibrant Attorney General and Minister of Justice in the person of the right legal mind in Charles Francis Margai.

The Attorney General will now make the application to the Supreme Court for his office to be a party to the bogus cases brought by the APC and its cronies.

This will then force the APC Chief Justice to empanel judges to sit at the Supreme Court matter. After the panelling, Justice Minister Margai will waste no time to challenge the credibility and independence of most of those judges including the Chief Justice.

This then will leave them no option but to go and go they must because the SLPP government will never trust their independence. Any bad plan which they may harbour will no longer work.

Look at this failed APC party waiting until after SLPP had defeated it and now belatedly and lyingly claiming foul play.

APC now rests its fake hopes on court cases which it will never win because their plans have been exposed big time.

Courtesy: By Pastor Mohamed Sesay


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