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15th August 2018

First Lady Fatima Bio Thanked her Lucky Stars Amidst Negative Vibes on her Person!

By a press release (19/04/18)

"It has been a long hard fight, politically and personally but Allah has and continues to be my protector and guidance," First Lady Fatima noted.


The Sierra Leone First Lady Fatima Bio said she was belittled by many, coursed by many, hated for no reason, but my greatest appreciation is to know that I am still loved by so many which enabled me to forget the negativity but focus on the positive and the future.

"I was happy to hold on to my family, my husband and children. They were my strength when I was down, I have them to lean on," Fatima thanked God.

She said today she is here to pay my respect to this nation for giving them the chance to serve. "I want to thank my formidable team the Julius Maada Bio JMB Women’s Wing they made me believe in sisterhood again," noted the First Lady.

"I am thanking the SLPP, JMB Support Group UK, the Paopa Global Support Groups, the Sierra Leone Entertainment Industry, the Grassroot and the great nation as a whole. Thank you for giving us the chance to serve," she appreciated.

Fatima disclosed in Freetown recently that she came in to this because of the love she has for this country and because she wants to be part of the process to help her husband President Maada Bio and the SLPP party to achieve long time dream.

"Together we will make this happen. Thank you Sierra Leone. Paopa Salone Go Betteh," Mrs Fatima Jabbe Maada Bio, a former Nollywood actress turned politician ended optimistically.


1958 -1980


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