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22nd May 2018

Suspect Blames Anti-Corruption for Delaying Sale of Motor Bike Case in Kenema!

By Philip Koroma (17/04/18)

A very angry suspect in Kenema town is demanding an explanation from the Anti-Corruption Commission for the alleged sale of a motor bike.


Reports say the bike in question was donated to non governmental organisation the Sierra Leone Poverty Alleviation Agency (SILPA) by UNICEF for the implementation of its project in Kono district, eastern Sierra Leone. (Photo: Former President Ernest Koroma welcomed Anti-Corruption boss Ady Macaulay).

According to investigation, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) through a tip off confiscated the SILPA motor bike and commenced investigation into the matter by obtaining statements from the lead suspect one Emmanuel and also from a senior SILPA employee named Mr. Kpaka. Both suspects were later granted bail whilst investigation continues.

The ACC has been investigating the matter for almost two years now and one of the suspects Mr. Kpaka is getting frustrated that ACC is delaying the adjudication of the matter and thus failing to indict or discharge the two suspects since they were put on bail.

The said motor bike, according to angry suspect Mr. Kpaka, was donated by UNICEF to SILPA for the implementation of its project in Kono district. He said the bike was about to be sold to one Mr. Momoh by the lead suspect Emmanuel, a former employee of SILPA.

Speaking recently to Mr Kpaka, a senior staff of SILPA at his Fonikoh residence, he confirmed making statement to the ACC in connection with the motor bike saga for about two years ago but the Anti Corruption Commission is yet to indict or discharge anyone for the matter and the bike still in their possession.

He also disclosed that the relatives of the prime suspect according to his findings have paid back the money for the said bike and has since discontinued his interest in the matter.

However, some residents in Kenema mainly the informant are concerned that the matter has taken so long to be concluded and are therefore urging the ACC to speedily investigate and conclude the matter so that those accused will once again move on freely or face the full penalty of the law.

Mr. Kpaka confirmed the dismissal of the main suspect in the motor bike deal and prayed that the commission will speedily conclude its investigation. " I believe all this is a calculated ploy to undermine my hard earned reputation," Mr. Kpaka noted.


1958 -1980


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