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23rd July 2018

Sylvia's APC Supreme Court Election Petition Faces Stern SLPP Opposition! 

By Abu Shaw in London (15/04/18)

Succinct indication of a drowning political party fighting for survival with last ditch petition efforts to overturn SLPP's popular elections victory.


This latest petition for the corrupt, cocky and deflated APC party filed at the Supreme Court by the former APC Minister Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden is in continuation of the countless court cases filed by the APC. Observers are astonished that Sylvia who was publicly humiliated by the former president Ernest Bai Koroma when she was unjustifiably sacked as Social Welfare Minister few months before the general elections could even unleash a defensive litigation fight for an unpopular APC party. (Photo: Sylvia, right, welcomed US Envoy Brewer, centre left, at the Welfare Ministry).

Sylvia is ironically the only and last voice standing today to protect the battered image of the APC party in the aftermath of the humiliating defeat encountered thanks to the extraordinary electioneering genius shown by the SLPP party led by President Julius Maada Bio.

APC, now dubbed 'Petition-in-Chiefs' is surreptitiously using Sylvia Blyden to petition the March 7 and 31 election results on the basis of widespread malpractices and irregularities as noted by many other political parties during the general elections up to the presidential run-off which President Maada Bio slimly won three times in a row.

Sylvia has filed this petition at the Supreme Court in the hope that the victory of the SLPP government will be overturned in order to pave the way for fresh elections. Political observers believe this is an herculean and fruitless legal task being undertaken by the opposition APC at a time like this when the SLPP government is way ahead in governance.

It is very clear that the final verdict from both the local and international election observers declaring the Sierra Leone elections as generally free and fair and a new SLPP government sworn in, the shocked APC party still seems to live in dreamland with bitterness and still failing to officially recognise the fact that they lost the March elections three times. Below is the petition statement filed by Dr. Sylvia Blyden and followed by statements penned by diehard SLPP opposition members:


Sierra Leone Constitution (Act No. 6 of 1991) under Section 48.(4) says "While any person holds or performs the functions of the office of President, no civil or criminal proceedings shall be instituted or continued against him in respect of anything done or omitted to be done by him either in his official or private capacity."

As a prominent Student Activist back then in 1991, I had supported such an inclusion as we need a sitting President to be well focused away from distractions of Court Cases. However, it was also made clear back then that such clause does not mean an elected President cannot be joined in suit when the recent Elections which brought him to office, are being petitioned to be overturned.

This was one of the several fatal mistakes done by current president H.E. JULIUS MAADA BIO when himself and two others petitioned the Election of Ernest Bai Koroma as president in November 2012. They included APC party along with National Electoral Commission (NEC) but they erroneously did not include President Koroma as a Respondent to their lawsuit. The error was quickly picked up by Lawyer Berthan Macauley who was representing the APC. Citing that and other reasons like late filing, late payment of judicial fees, no security deposit, Berthan Macauley Esq. asked the Supreme Court to throw out Maada Bio's petition as the primary beneficiary (President Koroma) of what was being petitioned, had not been joined in suit as a Respondent. The Court agreed with many of the arguments and threw out Bio's petition for sake of the fatal mistakes.

You may ask if the situation is not in conflict with itself since NOT including the sitting President in the court case makes the proceedings to be fatal whilst including the sitting President makes the proceedings to appear to be against Section 48 (4) of our Constitution. Actually, it is just an appearance. A closer reading of words of Section 48.(4) shows a sitting President can indeed be included as a Respondent in a petition of an election which happened whilst he was not yet President.

Furthermore, I believe the answer to this conundrum has already been answered by the Supreme Court itself via its actions of sixteen years ago in APRIL 2002 when the Supreme Court fully accepted a case against 2002 Elections eligibility of a sitting President (H.E. DR. AHMAD TEJAN KABBAH) and went on to sit on the matter.

That happened when one citizen by the name of DANIEL SANKOH on 11th April 2002, dragged the then President of Sierra Leone H.E. ALHAJI DR. AHMAD TEJAN KABBAH to the Supreme Court. That matter against President Kabbah was accepted for hearing by the Supreme Court and deliberated upon without any restraint on Supreme Court from Section 48. (4) of the Sierra Leone Constitution. Legal luminary Dr. Ade Renner-Thomas had defended President Kabbah at the Supreme Court back then in 2002. Dr. Renner Thomas, one of our most brilliant legal minds, successfully argued on behalf of President Kabbah. Subsequent to winning the case for President Kabbah at the Supreme Court, Dr. Renner Thomas was later appointed to be Chief Justice by President Kabbah. The main point here is that a sitting President in April 2002, was sued at Supreme Court and had to find a very good lawyer to defend himself over an Elections eligibility matter.

So, it is against the precedent of the Elections matter of DANIEL SANKOH versus PRESIDENT AHMAD TEJAN KABBAH that His Excellency President Rtd. Brigadier Julius Maada Bio has been made a Respondent party to answer to my Elections Petition filed yesterday, Monday April 9th 2018 at the Supreme Court of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

Yes, I can confirm that in my capacity as a citizen of Sierra Leone who voted in the Presidential Elections, I have yesterday Monday April 9th 2018, filed a STRONG challenge of the election of Julius Maada Bio as President of the Republic of Sierra Leone. I filed a 38-paragraphed Petition alongside other needful paperwork as well as Affidavits and paid the required legal Cash Deposits for Securities as per Law established. I have also ensured I paid all needful filing fees on time so as to avoid my Petition being thrown out of Court for lateness as happened to the 2012 petition of Julius Maada Bio against Ernest Bai Koroma.

I had to do the Petition all on my own because all lawyers, approached by me so far, have shied away from being associated with the matter. One of them bluntly told me this morning that if Honourable senior judges of the Judiciary were being treated in the jungle manner in which one judge was treated last evening by supporters of President Julius Maada Bio, then what will happen to ordinary lawyers who decide to associate themselves with such a Petition against the Election of someone like President Maada Bio? I am however not afraid. I want to believe President Bio's regime will even make extra efforts to ensure no harm comes my way as I carry out this democratic exercise. Afterall, no-one harmed him or his lawyers when they petitioned the election of Ernest Koroma in 2012.

I do know that I have taken a very strong case to the Supreme Court yesterday. I do believe the case I have built is even stronger than the one taken to the Kenyan Supreme Court that caused the Kenyan presidential elections to be overturned. However, I recognize the Honourable Judges of the Supreme Court will have the final say. I will humbly accept whatever their findings may turn out to be.

Meanwhile, I am continuing to reach out to various lawyers, especially amongst the APC ranks, in the hope I may find a lawyer who is brave enough to help me make the legal arguments at the Supreme Court. I will keep you all informed on that aspect.

Fortunately, the rules of Supreme Court allow for ordinary citizens without lawyers, to file in person. So I have singlehandedly used my late grandfather Prof. Solomon A.J. Pratt's law books to read and research on how to approach the Supreme Court on my own without any lawyer helping me. I am very proud to announce that I have successfully done so yesterday and this afternoon, the final paperwork were concluded. With immediate effect, the judiciary's process servers are now set to serve the Petition on all concerned including on H.E. President Julius Maada Bio who is one of the four (4) Respondents in my humble Petition to overturn the declaration of Nfa Alie Conteh that Julius Maada Bio was duly elected as President.

Whilst I fully recognise H.E. Julius Maada Bio as my President under the Law, I firmly believe that H.E. Julius Maada Bio was NOT duly elected as President of the Republic of Sierra Leone so I have gone to the Supreme Court to ask them to nullify the outcome of the Election, order fresh elections within 90 days of their Order and in the interim 90 days, appoint the Speaker of Parliament as the new Head of State until fresh elections are held.

The full details of my 38-paragraphed Petition against the Declaration of NEC's Mohamed Nfa Alie Conteh that Julius Maada Bio was duly elected, will be published shortly. Meanwhile, the first page of the 38-paragraphed Petition I filed yesterday at the Supreme Court Registry plus copies of receipts of my payments to Judiciary, now accompany this update. Please feel free to re-share them. May God bless Sierra Leone.

I remain, Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden, OOR, Tuesday 10th April 2018.

SLPP Supporters Blast APC's Petition: Sylvia is a 'Sycrose'!!

By Abdulai Braima

Sylvia Olayinka Blyden (how sweetly doth she whistles her illustrious name) enjoys basking resplendently in the fulsome notoriety of cheap scribbling and bizarre propaganda stunts to keep herself permanently auditioning in the gawky glare of public attention. Even before she was rattled by the mighty win of the marginalised many, what have we not seen Sylvia do or say?

From provocatively dancing AT anti-constitutional-abuse protestors on the free streets of New York to tauntingly sprawling her full length in velveted hotel bedrooms in the posing manner of the shadier acts enjoyed by the less ordained “models” of the back alleys of darkened streets, Sylvia Blyden has always sought to glamorise the awful pastimes of the looting class (ruling class) in ways that would make you want to purr and puke!

As a veritable drama queen of the worst class, we have seen her mounting an alternative reality prop in a trashy self-showy theatricals aimed at discrediting the Internatiomal award winning TV journalist Sorious Samura who unearthed a thieving Mafia scheme that is said to have hugely “privileged” a certain Sam Sumana who revelled in “sitting (people) on the ground” at a time when he was also pumped up with the added power to deforest our beautiful countryside and cart away millions of dollars worth of prime timber in container loads, in blatant contravention of the better laws of the land.

And just recently Sylvia directed her awful antics against a beleaguered electoral commission (NEC) by producing a silly skit which she titled “the bomb”. The obvious intent here was to frivolously discredit the hardworking NEC and undermine the effectiveness of the entire electoral process after the ignoble Tolongbos had smelled the unmistakable scent of imminent defeat wafting out of the disturbed graves of APC grandees long departed.

Not even the ominous warnings from the swarming school of angry bats tearing the skies above their heads could warn off Sylvia and her merry gang of marauding APC state hijackers. And they were made even bolder by the prophetic writings splashed across the skies in sword-cut lightening streaks of rainbow premonitions which they misinterpreted as a sign to favour their evil political enterprise.

So instead of seeking help to decipher the celestial codes blazing bright, Sylvia was busy cooking up stunts to undermine NEC. Stunts that only ended up further discrediting herself because what she boasted to be “the bomb” casually fizzled out like a lazy fart lousily puffing from the bumpy behind of a freaky frog carousing at will in some far away sunless spot.

Miss Sylvia Blyden, your great and wonderful EBK under whom you “enjoyed” for ten years is GONE! That is an irreversible act! Start learning to “enjoy” the reality of that permanent fact!

Talking about “the mess” that was the EBK regime, your conclusion that “too much inclusiveness of SLPP operatives at State House...” was the reason that “brought Ernest Koroma and the APC down” is a terrible theory of fallacious misrepresentation. Any SLPP person that escaped the APC political guillotine didn’t need to serve as an in-house “spy”. The APC was already doing everything to show everyone that the TOLONGBOS had not come to rule but to ruin the country. The evidence of hardship, hunger and widespread hopelessness didn’t need a spy to be stationed in State House because that evidence was (is) an ever-present reality in the Mud Houses in every village and on the jobless streets of every single Sierra Leonean town!

Sylvia Blyden, your “Trojan Horse” theory is untenable not just because it is lousily postulated but more so because it is purposefully dishonest. When considered against the cracked background that YOU Sylvia were one of those who was eventually recruited into one of the “key sensitive areas” you mentioned- namely State House, then it becomes even more obvious that you merely want to hide the character you carry inside the collective respectability of any opposition figures that may have been rightly “recruited” to serve our country in national capacities that required potentialities which are gapingly absent from the debauched benches of your anti-education money-laundering APC KAKA DEBUL PARTY!

From every practical definition I don’t think you can describe yourself as an APC operative prior to the election you referenced and before your glorious “SEA-fication” into the very guts of the APC where your subsequent activities generated more controversy than an irritant fly in the ointment, to the extent that some in the now broken APC bottle had you readily lined up for political liquidation even before your ensuing traumatic defeat.

I mean long before the fed-up voters of Sierra Leone sealed the fate of that entire gang using the uncompromising power of the ballot boxes on March 31st! How appropriately dated this election turned out to be.......offloading the crooks on the eve of “All Fools Day”!

Sylvia, by crediting the downfall of ex president Koroma to “SLPP Trojan operatives” you are crudely insulting the intelligence of ordinary Sierra Leonean voters who greatly suffered from the excesses of your Alaki party and electorally registered their distaste and their disdain by rejecting you lot three times in a row!

A record worth noting! Definitely the “enjoyment” you refer to under the odious EBK regime was an obvious privilege for a cup full of cancerous leeches who fattened themselves red on the blood of our nation and slithered around each other in obscene slimy acrobatics that made State House smell like a rathole of a whorehouse!

It takes a real hellishness of a blinder for someone (anyone) to sit down in some happy-go-righteous corner and to so belly-fully eulogise a dead regime that was killed by the nastiness of its own toiletry tricks!

How can you really dare to label someone “a great leader” when you know that the “leader” you are referring to is a definite mafia don who had reduced a beautiful nation like ours into the hungriest and most hopeless country on the face of the planet; a would-be paradise devoured by heartless corruption, dangerous diseases and needless deaths!

Sylvia, surely you must remember that long before you were accorded a sit at the dining table of the Vampire World of the Tolongbos you were figuratively stuck in EBK’s bedroom and busy describing the colour of the old man’s underwear in your trashy political cheque book of a creepy newspaper.

Obviously “the Pa” felt so intimidated by your salacious productions that he had to shut you up by stuffing one of those unholy spoons into your mouth. The spoon was called “the SEA”, a silly title the buffoonery of which transformed you into the Chief APC vuvuzela and accorded you a bite from the poisoned cake.

According to public confessions volunteered by your own deputy minister in your last job role, you may be sitting on top of billions of looted leones that you obviously would prefer not to be mentioned at all.

In your battle for “loot preservation” (self preservation), I strongly suspect that your intent here is to expose EBK’s horrible rule to the penetrating glare of public attention so that your own particular malfeasance can be made to disappear in the stuffy cloud of an Ebola-tainted Hajj-theft rule. And to achieve that goal you are parading EBK’s dirty side to more public scrutiny by pretending to “defend” him.

What is also clear here is the fact that you are trying to psychologically massage the new SLPP administration into a sleepy mode so that you and your APC “PADDIES” (whom you confess “enjoyed” so much under your almighty EBK) would be “given space” to escape with the loot acquired in the process of damaging the nation.

Patriots, remember that this was the same Sylvia Blyden (now crying for “space to mourn their loss”) who was so loud on radio daring the EBK government to institute an inquiry into her ministry following allegations from her own deputy (Mrs Nenneh Turay) suggesting that Sylvia may have stolen billions of leones from her ministry.

Now that the prospects of a real inquiry looms large enough Sylvia has suddenly transformed herself into a holier-than-Jacob Sunday School Preacher extolling the virtues of “allowing looters to leave and live in peace”!

The argument that “EBK had overwhelming evidence of corruption and malfeasance” against the then exiting SLPP regime but chose to look the other way is (if true) in itself a gross display of illegality that speaks very directly to the rottenness that was the EBK regime.

And the insinuation that the Maada Bio government must behave in SIMILAR fashion by allowing the hopeless corrupt APC government to depart with their shinny “baskets of looted eggs” and live in ever after lalaland while our people continue to perish as a direct result of their theft is an insulting suggestion.

So now that you have began to smell the coffee you are quick to jump behind the crooked fence labelled “spare the EBK nurtured crooks because EBK spared the crooks in the Kabba-led government”!

Sylvia, are you advocating for yourself here or are you asking for “forgiveness” for every other crook in the APC who have been bleeding our country to continue feeding from the hose of their killer malfeasance?

Sylvia, everyone knows just how crazily you crave the limelight, however self-debasing. But this time round I believe that you should just be tossed to the side by the APC or you basket yourself with them and wait for us to dump the whole lot of you, again, and again! We are going to shame you by ensuring that a country as small and as rich as Sierra Leone can be made to work for all, not just for the few!

And the JUSTICE we crave must come with FAIRNESS to all. Justice demands that if we have young people right at this moment languishing at Pademba road for stealing bicycles then it should be only fair and right for the country to demand a PUBLIC COMMISSION OF INQUIRY and possible TRIALS for any government functionary who is inexplicably living 20 times above his/her means, to face proper investigations and trials.

I don’t see why those who steal bread and bicycles should be made to languish in the dirtiest cells in Pademba roads prisons whereas those who have stolen the destiny of an entire generation are allowed to sleep in peace in out-of-this-world fully air-conditioned mansions and roam the globe using diplomatic passports that they never deserve to own and sipping champagne from iced glasses.

It is my personal belief that all those who have suffered that nation for so long and allowed our country to degenerate to such lowly depths must not be allowed to live like kings and queens inside or outside of the country.

As we condemn and call for the conviction of the horde of ignorant hoodlums who delight in targeting the innocent and using violence in the vile name of “politics” we also need to call for trials of the rogue politicians who have violently attacked and damaged the state, traduced our collective destinies and infected our nation with their poisoned acts resulting in mass and individual deaths.

We can’t let these crooks walk free however coyly their mouthpieces sing to dampen our drive and derail our focus. NO ONE SHOULD BE FAVOURED TO ESCAPE JUSTICE, or no one would need to be in prison, for whatever reason! This is no witch-hunt, this is a hunt for FAIRNESS on behalf of the poor and the deprived, everywhere in the country!

When you give evil a breathing space it freely feeds on the rottenness of its own ills before turning round to disembowel and devour you!

LET JUSTICE BE DONE, and not delayed! The sooner the better!

Dr Blyden's Petition

By Pastor Mohamed Sesay

She has all right to petition but hope her motive for doing so will not be misread. There are times when us as humans must allow things to take their natural courses instead of us making a fuss about them.

Doc is going ahead yet at the same time seeking protection from the government she is challenging. SLPP has never been a violent party and will never be. (Photo: National Electoral Commission NEC Chairman N'fa Alie Conteh, was under pressure from the incumbent APC government).

Me, I would advise myself to cut it out. Samura who has his matter has cut it out so what's the point? As for the seven days, there is what is called "real" time and "judicial" time.

Judicial time does not include Saturdays and Sundays and any holiday that falls within the period of counting. So Dr Blyden rushed it and what for?

The petition itself is a non starter as I shall explain in an exposition. Certain actions taken by Samura Kamara from elections day to the announcement of runoff results definitely nullify the grounds that he hoped to stand on and he knows that. Hope Doc knows that too.


1958 -1980


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